Christmas Meme for everyone, and more….

Non-religious talk, don’t run away, PLEASE!!!!

A Christmas meme from Helen and AlexAllied.

– List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
– State the gift you wish to get;
– Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

I want my Santa Claus to be…..

My own husband lah. If he gives me nice-nice pressies, I can ‘reciprocate’ back mah. Not guilty in anyway, all legal one. Anyway, I already had my share of pressies. My laptop and DSLR camera. No more Christmas wish liao.

However, since this is a bloggers meme, let me wish for what I want from the following people:

1) Books from Simon ‘cos this guy read a lot so he must have lots of good recommendations.

2) Marine fishes from Wingz! I want Nemo. And glow in the dark eel. I mean the fish, ok?

3) Some nice ‘movies’ from the two resident humsup-lou, aka Ah Pek and Lin Peh. It has to be straight one, ok?

4) A colon cleansing session from Samm. So that I can wear Nike Bra to the municipal park.

5) A plate of prosciutto from Wuching. Oi, oi, prosciutto is food, not a profession, ok?

6) Ritter Sports from JoeC. Rum and raisin, please.

7) Some kind sifus to teach me photography like Kancil Killer, Rodney and Willwolf.

8) A chance to celebrate mass with Yvy, Celestine and Centerpide at my church.

9) A bloggers’ meet with all the people I know online.
MamaBok, Romantic, Marlinda, Tony, Max, Kervin, Narrowband, dSaint, Kiasi, moo_t, Surfnux, MG…oh gosh, I lost all my blog links so I can’t name everyone at the moment. But you know who you are.

10) A fuzzy-wuzzy parents bloggers meet that must have Mr & Mrs. Egghead, Mr & Mrs B, Mr & Mrs LoopyMeals, Mr & Mrs LeecS, crazymommy…..

11) A Japanese meal with the blogger with moustache (I like!) from Japan, the one who hails from Keat-tah. You all have to guess la.

12) A free template tweaking for my blog.

Lastly – A ride in Helen’s very ‘chio’ yellow sports car through Ipoh city and a Tiramisu at Indulgence. Helen is the one who tagged me. Helen, I got something to tell you:

(This one is between me and Helen if she goes to tea with me at Indulgence, ok?)

That day when I bought my camera, I asked the lengchai where I can ATTEND lessons to improve my skills. I spoke in half Hokkien and half Yingrish. Lengchai’s Yingrish is so-so (good enough to attend to mat sallehs customers). He replied to me, “No need to attend. “Come to me, I attend to you.”

Helen ah, you know ah? That time hor, my lou-kong not yet give his credit for zapping. I was like, OMG, he is going to say, I DON’T WANT TO BUY ALREADY LA! and walk out of the shop. I can say bye-bye to my KKC. But lucky hor, my atm understood it as ‘Save your money, I can teach you everything about photography’.

However, my old heart went ‘thump, thump, thump’. Old engine went ‘kreaaakkk, dup, dup, dup’. My eyes blink-blink, eyelashes fluttering and lips pouting. I was about to ask, “Where, when and how are you going to attend to me?”

OK, back to Christmas tag. I am going to tag – all the names mentioned above, and those not mention but had read this.

But I have an EXTRA TAG. Say if I am YOUR Santa Claus (or fairy godmother la), what do you want from me?

30 thoughts on “Christmas Meme for everyone, and more….

  1. are u getting kampungkai a chicken from the market for christmas? hahaha i think a turkey would be different for this year! yeay… kampungkai got new partner – miss TURKEY!

  2. Would love to meet up with you too.. and make one of your christmas wishes come true.. but not now.. ok.. soon .. soon.. i hope anyways.. šŸ˜‰
    My wish for christmas.. world peace and good health to all mankind..!

  3. MamaBoK – Look forward to that day!

    gbyeow – 3 blogs, same template. Teach me one, I can do the rest. I only need to put back my linkx and pages on the side bar. Also to make the top menu links work. And if not too difficult, change some colours because all my 3 blogs have the same colours and template. I myself got a little confused which is which. LOL. Plus adjust the margins a bit so that the 2nd side bar doesn’t run all the way down when view with IE. How? Interested? I ‘chia’ you something from Penang?

    Kampungkai – Wuah….got gf liao? If she knows you call her Miss TURKEY, she patok-patok you only you know. LOL.

  4. Tell me when u want to come to Ipoh and I can start my diet right away…….(2 VS models in sportscar… guarantee the fatality rate on our highway rocket

    Now that you got your camera, have you asked for your free ‘lessons’? ATM the jealous kind ar?? Who ask him to marry VS model?? Live with it lar!! Seriously, you are indeed blessed this X/mas to get everything u desire… (except the chap..)lol

    Oh, if you are my Santa, I’ll like a 3D2N all expenses paid vacation in Palm Beach Hotel Penang….

  5. “Come to me and I’ll attend you.”

    That sounded so wrong man! Luckily your lou-kong ingrish oso not bad can understand.

    Thanks for attending my tag! kekekeke.

  6. walau,how to tag other ppl ar since u “tagged” almost all the bloggers? i think everyone who blog sure visit ur site. Ur blog are ‘best in Malaysia, JB and some say Singapore’
    Psst…do i get a bigger present from u?

  7. Terharunya kak lilian sudi nak jumpa. My wish list for xmas is flight tix balik kedah la, so can meet kak lilian (then I can belanja kak lilian makan char kuew teow in penang.) Can one ah? Such a sweetheart la u šŸ™‚ Merry Xmas kak lilian and family šŸ™‚

  8. eh sushi also made from marine fish u know ? hahaha … if u seriously wanna learn no nid attend class .. i will attend to you KAKAKAKA!!!!

  9. cant trackback with u. anyway answered ur meme question? Will u fulfill my wish?
    *big innocent eyes lookin at u* kelip-kelip*

  10. Eee would’ve loved to attend any of the odd blogger meets you all have been having back there but always ‘overseas’ here in Sabah šŸ˜€ Maybe one day soon after I’m done here!!!

  11. egghead – OK, we see about that later.

    ahpek – Straight as in straight guys LOL.

    Rodney – Look forward to your DSLR pics mah.

    JoeC – Wish mah, anyone also can wish what.

    Kervin – šŸ™‚ Under the clouds.

    jc – Trackback not working hor? OK, will check. šŸ™‚

    Wingz – I want blue water, orange fishes and red coral kind of marine fish la.

    Celestine – We will, I am sure.

    marlinda – Kedah? Not so far from Penang la.

  12. anastasia – Holy Spirit, Penang. One post down, I have the pics.

    alex – Yeah, it sounded very funny to me.

    helen – Wuah, don’t play-play. I must go for confession if this goes on. LOL. BTW, Palm Beach sudah tarak la. They are supposed to build some spanky hotel but I think it has been shelved or something. Rasa Sayang also closed for renovation. But Lone Pine is mighty romantic wor…..Big hut all to yourself with first class comfort.

    Yvy – You must, when Centerpide is back. šŸ™‚

    leeCS – Ask the KL guys to organise la. If can, I go la.

    Samm – OK, OK, when the rainy season is over. We had wanted to go somewhere last weekend but flood in all the states we were supposed to go. Hahaha.

  13. Ok la….check this out!

    Annabel Chong, World Greatest Gangbang !

    A “brief intro” on Annabel Chong

    Born as Grace Quek on 22 May 1972 in Singapore, Chong grew up on the streets of London. “I hung out with the boys. I lost my virginity when I was 13. He was 28 and pretending to be a doctor. I knew he wasn’t because he couldn’t pronounce penis. He’d say “penn-is.” “I went to his office and took off my clothes. We played doctor. He had this refrigerator and he pretended he had his surgical tools in there, but it just had eggs and food. I totally trashed his office. We smeared eggs all over the place. In 1995, Annabel Chong got banged 251 times to set the world record. Seventy men showed up to do Annabel repeatedly until she was bleeding the last couple of hours and ice had to be applied to her vagina. Poking fingers with uncut nails cut her up.

    How leh ?

  14. Waaa, if Aunty Lillian can be my santa, i want to taste all ur cooking ler..=P ur pictures in the other blog can make me drool like mad and crave for the food till i beh tahan, got to go buy one myself…lolz

    Lin Peh : walau! 251 times?? siowness!! that girl despo is it? or just wanna see how big can her “u know what” can expend…lol

  15. 5xmom: Was away during the weekend. AHah. Yeah, I’ll tweak it and give you the step by step later. Consider it my Christmas pressie šŸ™‚

  16. gbyeow – You will? Great, I am only stuck at the place where I need to make my Search box works. I had read Tim Yang’s tutorial over and over again, do everything right and yet, can’t get it. I managed to insert flickr badge to make the blog less white. And also added the code for the blogroll. Ain’t I clever…. I mail you later?

    marlinda – Ya, I know you live in NY kan? Tapi still ada hometown kat Malaysia la.

    Sphinxy – Meantime, you have to drool over my banner at Malaysiabest. šŸ™‚

    LinPeh – Aiyoh…like that news you also know wan? But I think I read it in the paper before too. Sad case.

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