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Originally, this post was titled ‘Church is like cinema’ but I got tired of trying to cover my ass every time I crap. Blogging gets shitty when you need to cover all your bases whenever you want to crap. BTW, my template is not tweaked. My links are missings, the top menu doesn’t work and I have no time to dwell on that. If there is any WP superhero out there willing to help me tweak my template, I will ask Santa Claus to send you a virgin Santarina.

(This picture is filtered with PICASA. Download this free if you like touching up your photos. Cheaper than going for plastic surgery.)

This is the scene I wanted to take last week when I broke my Konica-Minolta Z3. This is the photo I took today with my Dynax 5D. Thank you God, for the blessings.


A bigger photo is available from my Flickr site. Feel free to download it if you like. It is a scene of the nativity or Jesus’s birth. The set-up is done by the parishioners of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang, Malaysia.


Actually, I wrote a longer posting but Firefox crashed three times! Grrr….I have this problem since I uploaded the Firefox 1.5. Whenever I want to copy and paste, I get these pop up tiny windows that says, “syntax error ; missing” something-something. Then, the browser closed and I got a message asking me if I want to report to Mozilla. Grrrrrr….

9 thoughts on “Church + Firefox

  1. I don’t think you’re the only one experiencing the Firefox crash. I’ve been getting it since reviving my PC after a BotD. Don’t really know whether it is Firefox being unstable or Windows being cranky or all those plugins that we’ve put together with them.

  2. FF1.5 messed up all my extensions installed, so it left me with no choice to switched back to FF1.0.7. Though it’s an older version, at least it works the way I was comfortable with.

  3. Yeah, I unistall Firefox and the extensions. Download again the 1.5 but without the rankquest extension. It is fine now. But I had a few crashes with some of my work. Sheesh.

  4. Helen – Like fengshui like that somemore. Got water fountain (water of life), got plants (flourishing), lights (the Light), black rocks (the sin) and etc etc. LOL. Some of the parishioners are florists so they are very creative. Tabik them for the deco.

    stanley – Your church? You mean HSC is your church too?

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