Did you say you want to see my Google cheque?


Last night, I went to sleep after writing the previous mellowed post. I dreamt I squashed a cockcroach, flatten it and pull off all of it’s limbs. It left a bad smell in my hands but I disinfect my palms with Follow-Me handwash liquid in tropical lime. Ahhh..nice smell again.

Nope, the above is not a metaphor. I am just writing about my dream, wokay? Dream, wokay?

Now, Samm asked about my Google cheque. I managed to grab it before my atm banked it in. I was in the car, rain was pelting down outside and I told him, please, please, please, let me have it for a photo first before you put it in the bank.

He said, “Siao ah, raining like that you want me to run from the boot (where the cheque was) to the front (where I was) and from the car to the bank, over a picture of a cheque?”

I manja-ed, “Please la…..my blogger friends want to see mah. Give motivation to them. Who knows, one day I become Martha Stewart liao, and I come out in Fortune 500? This first Google Adsense cheque will go down in history.”

Wow, with the gloomy sky over Penang, my imaginations run wild. A light shone…..



So, after taking the above picture, I realised……People may say, “Aiyah…she took the photo from the net wan lah. Her rubbish blog like that where can earn Google Adsense wan?”

In order to authenticate the photo, I took it against my thighs. But who can recognise my thighs wor. So, I ask my toddler to help me.


Now, don’t get too excited with a USD100 cheque. The bad news is : The bank charges in Citibank New York is going to cost you USD20. The local bank is going to charge another portion, around RM20 and above. So, I have only about USD100 left. About RM370. And God knows when the cheque will be cleared. No wonder my atm sniggers and shake heads with my excitement.

As of now, I can’t decide whether to :
a) Hold the cheque of subsequent payment due, accumulate a bigger amount before I take the cheque;
b) Pay the bank charges (of every UD100++ above) rather than risk getting banned (touch wood!) and lost all my Adsense.

If you have Adsense on your site, try the Firefox extension from mincus code. This way, you can track if there is sudden increase of (fraudulent) clicks. Your income, CTR, CPM will appear on the left corner of your Firefox browser, updated every 20 minutes (you can select the settings).

I shall wish for a better payment system for us Malaysians in future. Someone suggested to me that we (Malaysian Adsense publishers) collectively write to Google and ask them to pay us by TT or whatever payment method that involves less bank charges. I told him if I write, Google’s staff will die of laughter because this little ant is asking for a whole cake. Maybe Paul or LiewCF or Kah Soon should do so?

25 thoughts on “Did you say you want to see my Google cheque?

  1. Keep it. Keep it. Now year end, and many people think that window-dressing is gonna happen. And then the US economy wil rise, and the currency wil also rise.

    I’m just crapping here. So, please don’t overfollow my idea. šŸ˜€

  2. ehh.. need to pay the Citibank New York meh? i thought pay to local bank nia.. LiewCf din mentioned in his blog leh.

  3. lilian – i think it takes abt 90 days for chq to clear (if i’m not mistaken) surprisingly, my figures had jumped to US4!!!! AMAZING!!! i guess my waiting period to get my first US100 googld adsense chq will take abt 1 and 9 mths instead of the 2 yrs i expected. =P

  4. Yvy – LOL, have patience. It takes our blog (URL) more than 6 months to get ‘recognised’ by the search engines. That’s why search engine optimisation (SEO) is my new interest now. :). Pssst….this Tim Yang’s wonderful kick-ass template helps a LOT, like 200%.

    JoeC – Yeah, good luck to you too!

    mott – Ok, I go perm my hair first, and lost dunno how many kgs. No, wait, I gotta get fatter first, then lose weight online. Wuah…later on, I throw BMWs for my blog readers. LOL. *fell off chair*

    AFF – We get the amount deducted from our bank here but yeap, the oversea clearing bank will charge us the processing fee, in USD. My atm is a finance man, so I guess his explanation is reliable.

    Kiasi – ‘Sou tou’, I immediately change to ‘Hold Payment’. Ei, you better take up accountancy. You can be the next George Soros. But remember to give me good tips ok?

    Wuching – People thrives on gossip. Gossips, like sex, sells! LOL.

  5. WHOA…have to pay USD20 to the NY bank and to the Local bank some more arr!?!?! Why not take the money in cash? take it exchange it lah….but it is a bit risky to post also….takut orang curi.

  6. marlinda – Entah bila duit baru masuk. That’s why my atm LOL, said belum masuk, I dah spent 10 times the amount. He said I always count the chicks before the eggs. Hahaha.

    EngLee – Actually, I heard my hubby mumbled about it. He said Maybank told him that the other day someone banked in USD20 cheque and that person ended up having to foot more money for bank charges instead. LOL.

    Ian – Liew’s site have all the comparison. Do check it out?

    LcF – Aiyoh, I only have Maybank and UOB. No point opening a bank account just for Google mah. Not like I am getting thousands of USD. We never ask UOB ‘cos it is only in Penang and my hubby works in Kedah.

    Yvy – Great template there.

    JeremyC – Have to wait until dunno when baru get the money. Hope before CNY. I kasi angpow RM2 LOL.

  7. This is soooooo inspirational. Really made my day. Now, when am i ever gonna get my cheque ….. sigh….. Maybe 2yrs from now if i’m lucky. Godek from hubby wayyyyyy faster, kekekekekeke

  8. Yep agree with Samm…this is really inspirational. If I ever make it to the Forbes top 100, I’ll remember the sexy 5x mom of Penang… * bang!! rudely awaken from dream **


  9. my44 – Really? Wait I see what Maybank charges me. If really that expensive, I am going to BCB to open an account. I used to have an account but I closed it already.

    Jacky – Sort of. If I had gotten my USD250 earlier…..Ok, ok, no point thinking about that. Must look forward to my USD2.5 million. LOL.

    helen – Yahor, please remember to quote me when you get famous.

    You too Samm, when you are endorsing Nike products, remember Helen and I, ok? LOL

    Kyels – Yeah, give me back my confidence in Google.

    gbyeow – I think the bank staff simply hentam. We shall see.

  10. Hmm…RM20 for bank charges?? My bank (Bank Muamalat) charges RM5 only. Maybe you should consider opening an account with them. The downside is that it will take a month to clear the cheque.

    – MENJ

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