Is this the end of my blogging?

I had written several posts but decided to delete them before I publish it.

First, I wanted to bitch about curly hairs. Then, I remember that two bloggers had recently permed that style. I wanted to bitch about these few women I met at Cold Storage whose hairs look like soggy maggi (instant noodle). But I wouldn’t want Cyber-Red and Lucia to think that I am poking fun at them. So, after let loose the AK47 mouth, I decided to delete my post.

Then, I decided to write some religious stuffs but think I should tone down on going all Yehsou 7 days of the week. I prefer to keep them for weekends.

So, I thought about writing about some silly, sexy, romance quiz. I actually stumbled on the quiz (which is fun) while I was searching for curly hairs images to illustrate my #1 intended post. Then, I decided that it is not safe for me to put the quiz’s result online or else, people are going to decipher that I am getting ‘miang keladi’ (best translated as itchy yam meaning old folks getting horny).

After that, I wanted to write some soppy story related to Vincent and our Christmas tree. But I hate people looking at me with pity.

I hope this is not the demise of my blogging style. I miss my early days of blogging when my mouth and head were bigger. I could slam on my keyboard extremely fast with stuffs that crossed my mind. Click the publish button and no hell break loose.

Now? I had to filter them through the moral police, the religious panel, the sensible parent censorship board, the peace-loving bloggers circle, the muhibbah rakyat (harmonious citizen) ring, the good-neighbour committee and a whole bucket of shits.

Looking back, my traffic is 10 times the traffic of those bloggers who started along with me. I do enjoy the attention. And the adsense. I would be a damn hypocrite if I say that I don’t care about these. But sometimes, I wish I can just shoot without thinking. I wish I can have a bigger mouth and louder voice.

But that is not to be. I have to face people I know who reads my blog. I owe it to them that real image vs. real blogger. I can’t be the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of a KNNMCB kinda blogger and the proper and prim Lilian. I don’t give a damn to comments from people I don’t know. They can call me any names. One even said I am worse than Xiaxue! (I am so flattered!) However, I wouldn’t want to explain to real people my alter ego.

So, from here on, I shall tame the KNNMCBPKM 5xmom and be the real Lilian.

Someone please pass me a rope. Or paraquatte (pronounce like latte). I sendiri ISA myself.

19 thoughts on “Is this the end of my blogging?

  1. cyber-red – My hair is already curly and paprika red. But I will never dare to make it maggi-mee style. Over my dead body. Probably I will look like the 50s Shanghai whore (this one you have to see helen’s My All avatar). 🙂

  2. KNNMCBPKM – wahhh this is damn Long LOL. Longest than what Rojaks had said before haha. The way u write this post really sak. Got that kind of sak qi. Pei fu =))

  3. i agree with DjRay. U speak ur mind n heart, n u dare to cross all boundaries. N tat wat make u 5xmom. Respect~!

  4. i second Wingz…kambek!! kambek!!

    but u’re right, now EVERYTHING we write on our blog must think more than twice – is it touchy or not? will irresponsible ppl follow trend while reading or not? doesnt matter if what we write is right or wrong, it’s the point of view but wattodo? there’s always an opening for it to backfire. sigh…

  5. WAH ! looks like blogging aso ada pressure
    This cannot say, that cannot blog.


    I think, blogs should be a reflections of the writer.
    Be original !

    Frens & readers will get used to the style and
    manner as times goes by.

    Cheers !

  6. nah, dun worry abt it there, just blog like you should, do remember why you did it in the first place. No one’s an angel and sometimes we can be the devil. Cheers!

  7. soggy instant mee hair style? good name that i can use. haha.

    don’t worry lilian, you can make fun of curly hair. i won’t be so sensitive to get mad and all that. you will be making fun of curly hair, not me, and after all, it is your personal opinon.

    yes i heard that curly hair is back in fashion. a hairstylist mentioned that the days of those long silky straight hair will be passee soon. but when i permed my hair curly, i didn’t know yet curly hair is coming back in fashion… if i know, i wouldn’t have permed it as i don’t like to keep up with hair fashion! i like to be different.

    well, it is true that we have to watch what we blog these days but let’s not be too careful/sensitive that we lose our original style.

  8. for a while there…i thought you are really resigning from blogging…
    whew…am i so glad that you just want to be LILIAN.
    to me…you will always be the GREATEST BLOGGER…fake or not!!! & 5xmom will always be my favourite spot.
    thank you Lilian…

  9. ** Fall off the chair ** WHAT!!! The real Lilian is prim and proper one ar!!! Dun Want Dun want!! ** stamping floor **

    I want the Big mouthed, Slutty, Sexy, Foul mouthed Lilian!!!

    Ppl are diversed and diversity is what makes us human. I’m sure all your fans out there would love the one and only Lilian who shoots whatever is on her mind!! That is genuine, that is real. It’s no blardy fun to read blogs from bloggers who make sure everything they blog is socially acceptable, morally upholding….and rated ” sesuai untuk semua lapisan masyarakat..”

    Reading about the different views and thoughts of individuals is what makes blog reading interesting. lol

  10. Aiyah, Write whatever you want and be the Lilian we all .love.. to the point no false pretenses. Dont worry about anyone else, you write for yourself not to please others or you’ll lose your interest to write.

  11. hooi..don’t la.. i just started reading your blogs.. good clean/dirty/obnoxious/whateverla be true to yourself!! At least I know there is someone out in Penang crazier than me!

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