What’s with males and sizes?

I swear my 10 years old never read my blog. He never read my references about sausages in my blog.

So, I guess it is inborn.

We were at Ed’s Deli in Giant Supermarket. Ed’s Deli sells meat, sausages, salami, beef jerky etc. There are two sections. One is the open shelf with the pre-packed goods and the other with the butchers manning the stall.

I was instructing the butcher to give me 100gms prosciutto, 6 slices ham, 200 gms of yadda yadda yadda. I overheard my #3 (10 years old) telling his brother.

Hey, #2(name)!, Look, this looks just like your weeny. Your tiny, teeny, weeny……

He was pointing to a packet of tiny franks. And measuring it with his fingers.

My #2 is the sensible older brother. He put on a face and told me, “Mom…you got a retard there.” Then, he proceeds to grab another packet of German sausages. Huge, white, long sausages.

“I take this and whack your head only you know.” He warned #3.

#3 then, grabbed a salami and war almost broke out.

The two of you. Stop playing with people’s food.”

Took all my purchases and scoot off. Laugh out loud till got tears in the eyes. Bloggable material, ain’t it?

Proven that male species love to compare sizes. True or not?

17 thoughts on “What’s with males and sizes?

  1. boys will be boys, just the other day I heard some guys commenting on sizes of their real sausages are… that’s all they have to compare mah…hahahaha!

  2. MUAHAHA Wish I was there LOL Next time I’m at the deli, I’m picking from the bottom of the pile.
    Here the boys see who can pee furthest in the snow or who can sign their names in the snow without holding their weenies LOL

  3. how true….men or boy – the comparing never stops. as for girls, i think we only aim for BIG…so same lar!! LOL

  4. Ya lah…. it’s not just a male thing… Females too. Ask Dolly Parton or anyone on Baywatch…
    BTW, for those who think it’s limited to one teeny weeny thing, it’s not just the peepee that boys compare. We used to compare biceps too. Then at middle age we compare bellies. I’m sure there many who want to compare brain sizes, but that gets technical…….

  5. alexallied – Hahaha, the tensile strength. (I worked in power cable company before, you see)

    Jacky – Aiyoh, you male or female? Must know first baru can answer. LOL.

    m.o.t.t. – Kikhkikhkikh

    Wuching – You counted every one, including yours? LOL

    JoeC – Oh dear, you alright?

    LC_Teh – Oh talk about comparing, I everyday go to the park and these middle age men loves to wear only the tiniest shorts and show off their biceps. (hikers, bikers and gym-goers). Must write something next time.

    JeremyC – 🙂

    Yvy – Yeah, I heard they (adults) oso compare distance.

    romantic – They never grow, do they? (I mean the mentality) When older, they will still compare the distance. LOL.

    may – Ewwss….how old are they? LOL

    mamaboK – Yeah, girls will be girls.

    marlinda – 🙂

    alexallied – Dunno wor.

  6. Just remembered what Zara’s mama blogged about last time. No matter how much u suck on it, it wont ever get any longer one. hehe

  7. Samm – Yeah, I love that post. That’s how I clicked with her, so direct and straight forward. I also dare not write that. Hahaha. I think I shared it on Mom’s Daily too.

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