Dong Zhi, Busy and listen

Anyone still interested to roll the little balls? In case you are, you can find my old post in blogspot. It is over here, covering with spider webs. Happy Dong Zhi! Remember hor, once you eat, you will be one year older. That’s the Chinese’s tradition. You get one year older after Dong Zhi and another year older after Chinese New Year. Duh, no wonder I am 40+ and not 21 years old.

In another few minutes, I am going to school. *cold palms* Do you still remember your feelings last time when waiting for a Government exam results? Errm…I am the only one feeling nervous, not the kid.

One more thing – Remember to go for the preview of our White Christmas song, ok? Promise, ok? I am supposed to blog this at twelve noon but gotta go out. Pssst…guys, got a lot of sexy voices there. Very hiao-hiao wan. And ladies, got one dishy voice there. We female singers have been asking for the ‘lengchai’s voice’ contact. Too bad, I don’t qualified anymore.

8 thoughts on “Dong Zhi, Busy and listen

  1. mott – Yeah, they treat it like playdough. But this year I didn’t manage to roll the balls ‘cos too tied up with things.

    zara’s mom – Nolah…that one, very hiao voice hor? (chewah, she must be smiling, wait she admit) It’s not mine. Mine is like the chipmunk one. I don’t sing solo. Go guess somemore. Win liao can win a date with LinPeh. Males oso get LinPeh. Hahaha.

    narrowband – Dong Zhi kwai ler. Hahaha.

    LinPeh – It is funny really, how we related ‘lengchai’ voice with the lengchai look. But some men not lengchai but got voices that make women swoon. Like Wong Hei.

    gbyeow – Wuah…your voice very booming wor.

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