Oops, Kenny did it again.

Someone said on his first blog.

Got people who never die before write all the Shuei thing about gaoment, mah latt lor write about humsap humsap wan, school children write about their fucked up teacher and school. And then….got a few who want express way to HELL write bad thing about god ! Si peh ho liao.

Let me translate that – Some people who are dumb cuss the Government, some horny men write horny stuffs, school children cuss their teachers and some people want an express ticket to hell cuss god.

Well, what he wrote is so true eventhough it was his first blog.

I think it is time that some of us blogger bear more responsibilities with what we write. We can express the same kind of thing in many ways. Can we write it in a more proper way so that we do not unintentionally stir up the wrong kind of feelings in our readers/citizens?

In my opinion, a blogger should treasure his/her readers. We should have a certain respect for them before we even hit that publish button.

I found this title very disturbing :

Merry Christmas” Is Another Way Of Saying Screw You

Yeah, Kenny is trying to defend the holiness of Christ and His birth. He is only quoting the watevala-Americans. But he could have said it in a nicer way without getting our Muslims brothers and sisters into argument with him. He could have phrased it nicely. And he doesn’t have to make Christ looks bad with that title. He should put a little thought into who reads his blog.

What I see is another one of his stunts using God’s holy name for the sake of blogging. Kenny, it is not funny. My God, by any name is God Almighty. It is no fun to see prominent and femes (a term not preferred by me but adored by so many) blogger like you continuously photoshopping God’s name.

But this phrase is awfully funny though :

Kenny said, “Deep down inside my clownish exterior, there’s a Jeff Ooi inside me.”

Some background info:

I believe Kenny’s left this editor’s comment to one of his commentor :

The last I checked, Christians don’t pray to Allah

(OK, my bad. I have 160+ comments to go through. I saw the above word in italics and thought it was the usual ‘editor inserted’ comment. It wasn’t Kenny who said the above. Sorry about that, Kenny. My full explanation in the mail to you.)

Then, I left a comment :


Yes, I pray to Allah. Spell with a capital A please. I sang songs for Allah too. And Yahweh. And Lord God. God by any name is still God Almighty. I am a Catholic Christian.

Posted by: lilian at December 22, 2005 12:09 AM

But since Kenny did not respond to my comment, here I am letting off steam.

However, I am not enabling comments . Nah ah, no way. I am in the mood for Christmas and have no mood to get into anything further.



Remember the time. Watch the space. See how a group of us put our voices together to sing White Christmas. There is nothing religious to the song, donch worry. We have never talk to each other over the phone, never meet, hardly email each other and I believe never MSN each other too. We do it because we believe in building the blogging community.


To avoid any misunderstandings to people who are not very sure of what God means to us, let me clarify just a bit. The Jews, Muslims and Christians believe in one God. However, we do have issues. Let’s not go into that for peace’s sake? Peace on earth, ok?