Router questions – Tolong….

All the techie guys sekalian, can auntie ask a few questions?

I have the CCB Netgear router which is a B. OK, CCB is not the model, just my cuss. But the B is what I also dunno. I have two desktops. One with a receptor (or whatever you call the antennae).

I paid the screamyass lousy service for 1Meg. But get only tortoise speed. On my desktops, the signal Excellent and Speed is 11 Mbs.

Now, my problem now is I have a new lappie. This Acer only takes G signal. And signal from my Netgear only lasts two minutes without getting cut off. You know, like old men without Viagra? Two minutes, poof, no more liao.

So, psssttt (in whisper mode) I am leeching my neighbour’s broadband. I got Linksys at 54Mbs wor. Fuyoh, damn fast and errm..I can simply kaching for my bloggers friends lor. You know what I mean hor? I got different IPs so can play around mah. And the speed from Linksys is 54Mbs.

But hor, Ten Commandments said ‘thou shalt not covet thou neighbour’s wife/broadband/chicken/ducks etc’. So, I don’t feel so nice doing this lor. And more over, when Mr. Linksys is away, I get angry with him lor. Frankly, I don’t know whose is Mr. Linksys ‘cos I live in an apartment. Left, right, centre or what?

I tried going to Netgear’s site to download the driver but there is none ‘cos probably it is an old one.

My idea of a solution is:

Use cable for my son’s desktop.

Use my son’s antennae and plug into my lappie’s USB.

If I buy a new router with the G, is it going to make my broadband speed faster? If yes, then, I will but if not, then, no point.

So, can someone tell me if a newer model router can speed up my stupid screamyxass?

Kamsiah, xie-xie, nandri, terima kasih, gracia, thank you.

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  1. no la aunty.. doesn’t work that way. B and G only for local speed. means speed between your computers. your streamyx is 1mb, so u use B or G, the fastest you can go is only 1mb. msg me for more info ler, hard to explain everything. too long. explain too much i sked u dun understand. 😛

  2. Hmm.. that’s weird. Get 2 minutes of wireless and then cut off… maybe something wrong with your old Netgear router’s wireless.

    Your lappie’s wireless should be fine since it works on the neighbour’s Linksys.

    You just got your check mah, buy a new router lor 😀

  3. 802.11b has a throughput of 11mbit/sec while 802.11g has a throughput of 54mbit/sec.

    Hook your son’s desktop and the router with network cable, yes.

    swap antennae (usb wireless adapter?) is unable.

    G will only enhance the connection speed of your clients’ PC subject to your clients’ networks being G at the time.

    screamass is LP, 1meg=256m/s; 256k=128m/s and 384k=2m/s in download speed.

  4. do u mean that right exactly 2 minutes then gone, but does it come back later?

    not sure if your notebook setting for the wireless. check on this :
    1. double click on the wireless icon then ‘properties’
    2. click on the ‘wireless network’ tab and look for ‘advanced’ button bottom right and click on it.
    3. check you selection now if select on 2nd option
    ”Access Point (infrastructure) netowkr only)”
    4. make sure UN-check “automatically connect to non-preferred network”

    hope this help.

  5. Hi Auntie Lilian,

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  6. Eileen – My PC was reformatted and I don’t have your email anymore. You can search my blog under ‘organs donation’ and I have something there. If you are coming to my house on Christmas day, I shall see what I can pass to you.

    LeeCS – All check, ok. So it must be the new laptop not able to use the old router signal or something.

    KK – Wah, you so knowledgeable. I read the numbers until kepala pusing. Guess I plug my son desktop to the cable and I use the USB and plug the antennae. The laptop Wifi works everywhere except when using my netgear. Neighbours broadband oso can leech. 🙂

    Jacky – Yalor, old gadgets not compatible liao. So mah fan, my SE bluetooth oso not compatible to the new laptop.

  7. Auntie,
    Did you turn on the limited access for the CCB Netgear router? You can restrict who can access the connection. If so, you would need to add your new laptop to the device list and also enter the key on your laptop. That’s why lah you can connect to your neighbor’s s/he didn’t lock the network. To add your laptop, go to the webpage access for the router, then godeh godeh on that page. Hodge podge suggestion, i know, but maybe it’ll nudge you in the right direction.

  8. kokes, if that is the case then lilian will not able to connect for 2 minutes already ….

    how old is ur router? do not think is your router problem……

    any more infor?

  9. of course, it could be the laptop. Is it Xp SP2? Perhaps try turning off the wireless zero connection upon connection to the network, which is inside the services section of the administrative tools section of your control panel.

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