I am all ready for Christmas

Many photos post.


Two nights ago, when I stepped into my church, I was speechless. It is soooooo beautiful. Praise God for the dedicated people who put up the decorations. They are so talented. Gold and silver everywhere. Bells and baubles. Green wreaths.


I can’t wait for Christmas Eve. I know everyone is going to be mesmerized with the magical setting. I told my choir members friends that I must put out our best voices to praise and rejoice Jesus’s birth.


We had our first round of carolling at Golden Sands tonight. It is a beautiful night with cooling breeze on the beach. There were 75 of us and shown above is the children who form part of the choir. Aren’t they adorable?


My reliable hubby joined us by driving up to Golden Sands in Batu Feringghi with my toddler. (I took the chartered bus.) So, he played cameraman and managed to get many nice shots of the choir members. You know what? He took the photo from all angles but none of them has me in it! Haiyoh…..lucky, I forced him to take a photo of me when our choirmaster wasn’t looking. Now, I check-check the photos hor, all got SYTs inside only. Ish. (ok, just joking, my atm not so humsup, ok?)

Lastly….I had a very fun afternoon today. Giving massage to this huge and muscled giant.

Meet Mr. T! Oolalala, I give him massage 99. Pour XO brandy over the body and knead Mr. T like a dough. He better be tasty on Christmas Day. Here is Queen Kong ‘char guat’ for Mr. Turkey.


A time for giving, a time for getting,
A time for forgiving and for forgetting.
Christmas is love, christmas is peace,
A time for hating and fighting to cease

Full lyrics of Mistletoe and Wine here.

To all those who won’t be logging in during the weekend, I must wish all of you Happy Holidays. To those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. To the Christians, Blessed Christmas and may the joy of the birth of our Lord be upon you always.

21 thoughts on “I am all ready for Christmas

  1. Hello Lilian, we chatted long ago in IRC and just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas.. If you are interested, I wanna share how is christmas like in LA!! Few more days to christmas and everywhere around LA suburb is ready for Christmas.. Let me grab my camera and I will start snapping..

  2. I wish you too a Blessed Christmas and may the Prince of Peace give you your heart’s desire this Christmas; and in the year ahead.

    Thanks for the White Christmas mp3. It was amazing.

  3. Wah!! Massage for Mr. T only? Not open house arr? šŸ˜‰

    Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas, Lilian. Love to all at home.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and family too. And, remember to snap pic to Mr. T when he comes out of the oven, k. I come to Penang with Gordon arrr… to meet Mr. T, kekeke…

  5. wow, the church looks absolutely gorgeous! sigh wish I was home!! šŸ˜›

    anyway have a blessed xmas Lilian šŸ™‚ and see ya in a few weeks time šŸ˜‰

  6. Mott – Oi, I eat Mr. T with my atm and boys la. Hahaha.

    WuChing – You have a hot Christmas down in OZ too.

    kk – Playing Santa to your grandkids anot?

    pelf – šŸ™‚

    mahagurusia – Yeah, I am eating the turkey raw. Barbaric Queen Kong mah. (errm..King Kong is a vegetarian hor?)

    centerpide – I just fall in love with the community spirit at the church. Those decor there takes lots of teamwork. God’s grace shining through.

    Samm – Can, can, I reserve the huge drumstick for you.

    Bart – Same to you, Angie and all at home.

    romantic – Hugs!

    Yvy – Haiyoh…I get nervous thinking how to stuff Mr. T into my oven. Nanti raw one comes out, you want to eat anot? Hey, maybe for CNY?

  7. ahpek – You know what? Lucky I put the turkey on the right side or else you will be saying ‘ don’t blow….’ instead of smoke (you mean smoke right?)

    jc – Credit of the MP3 goes to LinPeh and the participants. That man surprises me with the production. I love the group singing, it sounds so real, like we are all together. Now we look forward to CNY version of tong-tong-chiang.

    Min – Hey, nice of you to drop by. But for the life of me, I really can’t recall IRC ‘cos I had not log on for months already. What’s your nick there? Still scratching head. hahaha, anyway, Merry Christmas to you! And please, please show me pics of snow. Oooh, I have never seen snow!

    LB – Wah..the ladies’ man, LB is here. (Helen’s dream Santa) Next time, if there is any next time, join us la.

    Julee – You have a good time!

    MamaBoK – Muakss to you, little brat and Mr. T, your in-laws and all in Canada. The real Mrs. T and Mr. T. Hahaha.

    marlinda – Thank you.

  8. Hey LiLian,
    I think my nick was kylier but you are way too famous to remember me. LA doesnt have snow, BUT I might be going to Mt Bouldy (I think that is the way it’s spelled) for New Years and I might be able to catch some photographs for you if my Ixus40 wouldnt fog up (since its not those canggih all weather camera like olympus).

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