The guests list keep growing and growing…

I had been standing since 8am this morning, that is 3 hours long. So gonna catch some breath right here in front of my PC!

Last night mass was lovely. It started at 11pm with our carolling and ended at 1.05 am! Fuyoh, sing until voice almost turn Tina Turner.

Nicol David was there but I was trapped in my choir so did not manage to take photo.

My hubby brought the kids along including my toddler. How nice of him to join us in that sardine packed church! (thank you, Jesus!) My two kids had to stand through the mass, poor kids. Bless them. No photos ‘cos atm had to take care of toddler.

Now, I invited only my siblings and a few of my nephews and nieces who are back in Penang. But last night during my in-laws BBQ, I invited my eldest sis-in-law. I thought she will come alone because of all the in-laws, she is the only one who has her husband and son converted to Methodist. But aiks! She is going to call all her sisters and more in-laws who came from Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. Double aiks!

Never mind, may the good Lord bless this home and provides us endless foods.


Roast turkey with potatoes + stuffings of mushrooms

Grilled prawns (HUGE ones)

Grilled mushrooms (four types)

Stir fry brocolli and some other green vege

Tomyam beehoon

Baked mashed potatoes with cheese

Some more veges/salads

Dessert – longan with gingko

Ok, back to cooking!

10 thoughts on “The guests list keep growing and growing…

  1. wah!!! happening wor…..;)

    yup, mass was great in kulim too!! praise God for no rain last nite of the ppl outside would have gotten wet. šŸ™‚ He is truly GREAT!!! šŸ˜€

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year auntie lilian


    ur my soccer mum of 2005 XDD
    and pls..gimme a warning if ur gonna post up ur cooking over xmas…i dun wanna see n den drool all over laptop again T_T

    jk XDD
    hope u have another excellent year ahead with your family ; )

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