Ipoh so cheap pinballs and Street Fighter

Don’t ask me how I ended up in Ipoh. Wish I have Helen and Samm’s phone numbers.

We were on our way back from KL and sons wanted to check out the Taman Polo aka Taman Rekreasi Sultan Aziz Shah (why so many Sultans’ names in Ipoh wan……..? Pening tau, all similar sounding.)

Sons are part of these sk8ters (chewah, my spelling cool anot?) forum and they wanted to visit and (I) take photos of every damn skateboarding park in Malaysia.

Ended up there and by dinner time, we aren’t sure where to eat. No more Ipoh chicken, no thanks marm! The turkey is still haunting me.

So, we went to this sleazy food court called Wooley. My sister stayed in Taman Cannings before so that was the only place we know.

Do you know that in Ipoh, you get to play the arcade games like Street Fighter, Bubble Bobbles, that cop and robber shooting games, pinballs etc etc for only twenty cents? Yeah, that’s right. Ringgit Malaysia twenty sens. Dua kupang!

The place is sleazy, smokey and dirty. But who cares…… RM1 can play five times already. Ryu, Blanka, E-Honda, hampalang sarttttt…… The papa pulak played pinballs again and again. So much so that our kids are grumbling, “Aiyoh…so smelly and stinky, let’s go home!!!”

Papa & Mama : “Waitlah, I still have four more 20 cents coins. Let me finish first!!!”

They also have two or three rodeo machine with bulls that buck. You get on the bull (or was it horse?) and you can ride ’em. No lah, I did not get on them. Siao ah? Think I chisin meh?

So, in conclusion, Ipoh very lauyeah one. Sleepy town with no action. Got so many hypermarkets within the same vicinity. Rain, rain, rain. I never get to visit the caves to take photos. But Ipoh is so clean and orderly. Got nice-nice bangarlows. And chee-cheong-fun with mushroom sauce plus hot-hot chee thou meen. Yummm…

You know something? Eventhough we have kickass PS2, PC games, PSP, X-box etc, the fun of slamming those buttons on the machine console in video arcade is still so fun. One palm hold the joystick, the other palm slam all five buttons. You ever been to those video game arcade before?

16 thoughts on “Ipoh so cheap pinballs and Street Fighter

  1. I Ipoh lang, ok? šŸ™‚ Anyway… Wooley”s the worst foodcourt in Ipoh. The locals seldom eat there unless they’re forced to. If you opened your eyes a little, there is this ngachoy kai shop behind Wooley’s, packed with loads of people. It is the next best thing (some argue that it’s the best) in Ipoh.

  2. Ipoh – my parents hometown n so it is my sort-of hometown. Paling suka is the food. Yeap,Wooley’s is worst. Shud go to those classic coffee-shop, there u get nice nice ipoh food. Famous wan will be Thean Chun or Kong Heng. U google it la to get more info.

    Hardly went to arcade when small, mummy dont let šŸ™
    but got sneak-sneak n play la. DAYTONA champ!

  3. ipoh leng lui dor dor. true onot?


    don’t ask hubby to take photo of you.

  4. ya ya ya, i lurrrrvvvveee slamming and twisting and picit picit picit those arcade buttons. hehehe, both of you must have lost at least 30 years in that shop šŸ˜› šŸ˜€ šŸ˜› šŸ˜€

  5. lilian is the only person i know who can make a trip to the food court/ arcade/ makan place or toilet sound so fun-fun or sexy…

  6. Hahahaha, of all places, you ended up in Wooley. Shud have walked across the road to Gourmet square and gotten yourselves some crabs or curry noodles instead. And the Sungei Wang ngar choy kai at the row of shop next to it quite cun, but have to wait like 1 hr for your food to arrive lah, hehe. Serves you rite, neva google talk me for my number, pppbbbtttt.

  7. oh boy…i DO remember all those arcade games…for only RM0.20 each somemore! CHEAP! You mean Penang so expense already ah? Thot only KL leh….

  8. ooooo!! i love daytona too!!

    n the shooting shooting alien space ships!! played that last year in kl (some dingy game arcade) with, felt funny at first, then after that…humph!!! stuck to it like wat oso i dunno lar!!!! damn fun…..;) brings back SO many college memories.

  9. hmmmmm my all time favourite Sega Rally!!! šŸ™‚

    yoooo this lilian so in one ah? PSP PS2 xbox all got….
    i wish my wife allow me to get the new coming PS3….

  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha ended up in Ipoh ar… now u know why Ipoh girls (and si-lai) so beautiful lar… simply bcos we lead the peaceful life in Ipoh and therefore not so fast ‘charn’ !! LOL

    ** whisper ** the fountain of youth is in Ipoh. The only catch is….. you make sure u dun die of boredom first lar.

    I want to see your chinese Temple decor!!! Who knows, this might be the next big thing in interior decor!

  11. IPOH…..beautiful place indeed…
    I have to agree bout that
    “Got so many hypermarkets within the same vicinity. “

    too many..as if ipoh so big la!
    too bad u only visit Wooley’s…got many other better places wan..:)

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