New Year resolutions are for kids

I had leapt from Christmas to Chinese New Year! Aiks, where is New Year 2006 mood?

After having bought so many new clothes, new shoes, new handbags, new accessories……I am all ready for Chinese New Year. (not my fault, ok? My dear atm asked me to buy, buy, buy ‘cos there is sale, sale, sale everywhere in KL) My niece just sms-ed to ask when I want to go for my new hair! Aiyoh….new hair somemore?


(took this ornament photo against the lampshade, then, adjust the hue/saturation to make it turned red)

See? Home also ready for Chinese New Year.

I guess I won’t be doing any new year resolutions, best blog of the year, most memorable moments kinda shit ‘cos those are for kids and pimply teenagers. We, wise old folks, live life like it is the last one today and know that life is not measured by the calendar. It is the substance, the experiences, the challenges that form our personality.

Psst…but go vote for me in this unflattering-bitchy award GAME. Fuwah, Blogwhore of the year. And the only other blog I know is Xiaxue. Kehkehkeh….. Don’t go to Italk2much if you have a weak heart. (tks JoeC for the info, heck who nominate me?) Never mind, I ask for it with my Traffic Whoring – Blogging Art post. Sigh It sure is flattering to be hung up along with the angmohs bitches.

Having said that, I must thank GB for his help in tweaking my new template. If you do not notice, I have this cool archive page where all 945 and counting blog posts are listed in numerical order, by month and also by category. This template is designed by Tim Yang but I don’t have the faintest idea how to do the archive thingie and GB helped. Who is GB? Heck, I don’t know. He is one BoredWorker who sang with us in the White Christmas project. Thanks a lot, GB!

Anyway, I wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 and may it brings lots of money, love, good health and great sex to everyone! Ooops, I forget that not all my readers are as old as me. Ok, ok, just Happy New Year!

Added : Nine3Nine4 has a nice compilation of good blogs. Go visit. Heh, do you all know that we actually bumped into each other when I was in Borders?

19 thoughts on “New Year resolutions are for kids

  1. Weird lei, how come your blog did get review but straight put up for nomination wan? strange.

    Nevermind, I sapport you! You get my vote….. Cheers!

    Hei, got two XX lar, a different XX than the actual XX. XX all over.

  2. JoeC – Yalor, I submitted for review so long oso never review me. Dare not even write to ask ‘why never review me’, nanti kena 99, mati lor.

  3. y’know, your blog also put me in mood to put CNY deco in my house. So, today, I gamely went to morning market with Tot No1, looking at huge red “auspicious” lanterns. Sad to say, the price of lanterns crushed my desire to get them. I think i’ll stick to cheap ol origami angpows.

  4. aiyah, about the hair thing – perhaps after the new hair-do, all the right angles just somehow fall into place with the camera leh 🙂 so mar can have perfect supermodel pics already loh… phewwwffffiiiitttttt !!!

    See you at HM’s wedding !!!

  5. Done my part. nice layout. I’m, a noob in HTML. No one to guide….

    Happy New Year Lillian. Keep up the cute humorous post.

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family!!! I’ll go check out the site and vote for you!! LOL

    BTW, you saw Desmond ar!!?? Do you remember his face??? (I know he’ll probably recognize you from your VS shoot..) ** Pssssst, whispering ** Desmond leang jai or not?? My 8-poh instincts just got better of me and is dying to know!! lol

  7. helen – ~whisper mode~ You think leh? I notice got one man queueing behind me wor. After I buy my books liao, somemore turn over and take another look wor. That’s how I know he wear blue shirt wor. You say leh….LOL. Hahaha, sked Desmond to death liao, two si-lais gossip about him.

    Samm – Not sure la. Torn half-half. ‘Cos sked after do liao people think I am the Cambodian maid wor.

    My niece (LOL) – Got one week left, dinner dress not yet buy wor. Got cocktail dress, got drink tea dress, now must hunt for dinner dress. Like this pokkai terus.

  8. You got my vote, anyway your photos turning out excellent, like this new year decor, blends subtly in the red background, gives a nice calm feeling, auntie canggih already soon going to beat me XD

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