A last minute New Year 2006 resolutions

1) Turn to Ah Lian Soh, wear sequins, silver and gold thread, black lacey stuffs and jeans with rhinestones;

2) Wear dangling earrings;

3) Paint hot fuschia nails;

4) Dye hair to red;

5) Pointy shoes with more sequins and beads(ok, no pointy bras hor?)

6) Start to cuss in Hokkien;

7) Drive like Kancil owners; (put signal to turn left but turn right instead)

8) Haggle with vegetable sellers, fishmongers and butchers for 10-20 cents reduction;

9) Watch Wah Lai Toi from morning till night;

10) Forget about blogging or learning anything new.

Gee, very easy to achieve indeed!

‘Coz I just spent over RM700 in Chinese New Year clothes. Which fits into the above criteria. Can’t help it ‘cos I am only trying to please my in-laws who own a boutique. My atm’s eldest sister dil mah. So must give face to atm wor.

So, I buy,buy, buy ‘cos the pack of housewives there were doing the same. OMG, LILIAN WHAT HAVE GOTTEN INTO YOU!!!!
Do you need exorcism? Someone call a wor-siong.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I am off to find some photos to snap.

12 thoughts on “A last minute New Year 2006 resolutions

  1. Aiya no need Change ur look mai, last Thursday see u , u olidi look good mai.

    Lilian , Thanks a lot for your encougement during year 2005 that get me continue bloging

    Wishing You and your Love ones a HAPPY 2006 NEW YEAR

  2. Happy new year for you, and yours kak lilian. Semoga panjang umur, sihat selalu (so that boleh continue entertaining/educating others through your blog). Thank you for showing me how prosperous msians are….thank you so much kak lilian. If ever I balik kedah, I would love to have you and the clans over to my place to makan-makan my auntie’s special mee rebus šŸ™‚

  3. Chia Lat Liao ! Lilian like Ang Pow Long lar. Red Hair, fuschia nails,etc. Ur loth also red ar ?

    Cham Ar !

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