OI, you KL people give how much angpow for wedding huh?

**Edited 19 July 2007 – Those of you looking for the details on Lim Kok Wing accident, check this link*

In case got some foreigners reading my blog (chewah, perasan lebih), angpow is the little red packet that we money-eyed, money-minded, money-focused Chinese use as gifts. We put money into the little packets and give away as good luck/gift/bribe/keep the mother-in-law’s mouth quite etc etc.

Now, this time next week, I am going to Cyberview Lodge (no shit, very class wan ler) for my nephew’s wedding. He is a doctor by profession (but running his own company doing computerised systems for hospitals or something likedat lar) and marrying with an air-stewardess. Neh….that Cleo 50 most eligible bachelor lor.

Fuwah, for we Penang people, this is very ‘tai-pan-cheong’ (big elephant, something never experience before). Because ha…usually we have our weddings at Persatuan Kungfu AhKau or Dewan Komuniti Kampung Cina etc. No air-cond, got fans only. Water-proof mascara also melts. Karaoke so loud, you will end up deaf if you sit in front of the speakers. Food catered from some Paya Terubong cooks with plastic sharksfins and that kind of standard.

So, our angpows hover around RM30 per person and RM100 per couple if the place is air-conditioned. I haven’t been to weddings for a long, long time because all my friends are either confirmed spinsters or bachelors or married with young children. We have handfuls of nephews and nieces weddings but amount we gave is depending on how well off financially the family is.

Now, for my own nephew, I have no problem deciding the amount, ok? But, I am very, very curious what you KL guys give as angpows for friends’ weddings? Say, the table costs RM1,000. Which means per pax is RM100. So, I was wondering……

If you KL guys go to weddings as a couple, mah pokkai lor? RM200 angpows? Wuah…..poket oso koyak liao hor?

Anyway, I am very, very much looking forward to the wedding because nyek, nyek, nyek, my nephew baptised as a Christian (which is a surprise to us, especially his mom aka my sis LOL) and will hold a church wedding at the Cyberview Lodge garden. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Now I feel less lonely being the few Christians in the family. Lord, please do more of Your magic. More, more, more! 🙂

I read on the website of Cyberview Lodge that there is broadband in the room. ~rub hands in glee~ Cannot wait to drink tea (a ceremony where the bride/groom will offer teas to the elders), attend a church wedding in the garden with cocktail followed by dinner.


I am extra excited about this nephew than the rest of the gang because I helped my mom to take care of him since he was a newborn. I was only 10 years old and I could even wash his poo when mom was away at the market. See, see? Proof that I was a good auntie from as young as 10 years old! (I am 10 years older than him.) I look very anorexic hor? KNN, why didn’t I look anorexic now?

~runs off and hope nephew did not stumble on this and his staffs will not tell him that they saw their boss’s baby photo~

20 thoughts on “OI, you KL people give how much angpow for wedding huh?

  1. Usually my parents will give rm200 for frens’ sons or daughters wedding la. But own nieces n nephews..summore wedding held in KL – usually rm500 lor.
    Wat to do…KL mah! everythin so expensive.

  2. cyberlodge view ah? chia lat chia lat
    yah JC is about right about the market rate…

    if restaurant or not so keng chau hotel can get away with under 50-100 / person
    but that one friend rate… this one nephew… chia lat

    think of it as broadband fees? 😮

  3. In KL, normal friends around 80-100. As nephew up to you lar..

    In my opinion people from Penang come to KL for dinner already very ‘give face’.. the angpow no need too big lar..

  4. Auntie Lilian,

    Cyberview Lodge is a beautiful and very relaxing place, at the heart of Cyberjaya.

    After the wedding, you can take photos at Putrajaya too or probably, you can visit Multimedia University (MMU) too? :p

    Just a thought.

  5. Wu Ching: I know some people will curse you for giving presents!! How to cover back the cost of the dinner? Sometimes they will open the ang pows right at the dinner to pay the restaurant or hotel. And unless you are buying a rare, expensive, super-useful item that no one has thought of, it is very likely that they will already have it for their housewarming or not to their taste.

  6. Ya, be careful when u drive pass the road near Lim Kok Weng. Many deadly accidents happen there, especially at night.

  7. Had my fair share of wedding. Normal friends or casual kawan = RM80-100. Close friends, depends how close. Relatives much much more. In ur case, at least RM500.00 bucks, mum

  8. Aunty! Yes! MIN RM100 per person for KLites. Sorry leh.. it’s coz of the freaking wedding banquets these damn (*&%$$&% hotels charge! But that being said, Cyberlodge is really nice and very romantic to hv garden wedding! Try the unisex spa le…if your boys give u chance lah!

  9. And you talk about angpows again…. wwwuuuaaahhhhhhh!!!! I damn pokkai ledi this month with so many weddings. Down 1k+, knn. But in your case arr, going with hubby only rite, with no kids in tow, hoh. Then, give Rm280/Rm330 lor, good yi-tau mah…. your nephew wat; wattudo?

  10. Over at my sister wedding in Singapore
    I did as the Singaporean does:–
    I give my sister an angpow of S$200 (RM436)
    If I had done what the rest of my Malaysian cousins & aunties does I would be call a cheap-S.of a sister.ha ha ha.
    Not to say some of my Malaysian aunties with their RM200(S$90)angpow also covers for their 4d/5n stay which include their three meals etc etc.

  11. Wedding dinner in Cyberlodge? Jia lat lah! For that alone, the going rate would be at least RM100 per person. Include nephew pulak, jia lat!

  12. Haha. My cousin was the first person to hold wedding at Cyberview Lodge. At that time (6 years ago), a table was RM700+.

    Normal KL friends rate is RM80.00 but depends on location. My sister just had hers at Palace of Golden Horses and per table was like RM1200.00+!! I also faint. If can, avoid wedding dinners held at hotels. You sure PK because of the angpao.

  13. there’s this colleague of mine who went for one of the managers’ wedding held in seremban a few years back… before i join this company.

    he brought along his wife & together they gave a grand total angpow of RM 30! for 2 person!

    according to someone close to this colleague, he base the amount on: 1) it’s not held in kl so the going rate is cheaper (never mind it was held at some 4/5-star hotel in seremban); 2) he’s not chinese so he doesn’t have to give standard “chinese” rate (but his wife is a chinese, she should have said something).

    needless to say, i didn’t see him at many ppl’s weddings after that incident! heh.

    cheap tipper.

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