Uncle Ho DVD 9 going for only RM3!!!!!

If you know what I am talking about, good. If not, don’t ask.

I was at One-Stop, Midlands, Penang and the shop we regularly go to is offering DVD9 for only RM3. These usually go for RM7. Some shops offer RM20 for 3, some RM7, buy 5 get one free.

I think they have received some news and are clearing their stocks. Note that these aren’t cinema copies but clear-clear ones. However, some titles are sold out.

I got :

Perhaps Love

Corpse Bride

European Gigolo


Wedding Crasher

In Her Shoes

Kingdom of Heaven

Everlasting Regret (Sammi Cheng)

and some other titles I can’t remember.

So what are you waiting for? Make a 2006 resolution not to support Uncle Ho anymore. Buy NOW la!

13 thoughts on “Uncle Ho DVD 9 going for only RM3!!!!!

  1. If here selling at that rate, i cepat-cepat go sapu all titles back and lock myself in the room. Here, sometimes, they still sell at Rm9/dvd…. jialat leh.

  2. It not really good to encourage people to buy those DVD in Midland with RM 3/DVD.

    Not a healthy act. If we can understand how hard those actors and actress work, then we may think twice to support those DVD/VCD.

  3. Try “40 year old virgin:.. It is really good but a little crude.. Not suitable for kids.. Other good movie personally recommended (if available) “waiting”, “munich”, “dudes of hazards” and many more which I cant think off.. 😀 Enjoy..

  4. Is not to promote uncle ho, nanti u may get in trouble lor. Haha.
    *scrambled to jot this down – must go to penang n find this uncle ho n buy buy buy!
    The place i go which guarantee 100% clear copies sell if for rm12. No kidding!
    Happy New Year.

  5. I know. I just bought many DVDs. Two shops are selling at RM 3. It’s because of the competition between the DVD shops.

  6. damn!! i wanted to go yesterday but was thinking that it might b closed due to the towkays out party too late so wont open shop!!! wasted!!!!!! 🙁 *sit n cry*

  7. Please-lah watch for me THE PROMISE and tel me the story line. After 15 Minutes I was lost and slept thru already.

    I went to accompany my Auntie. Apparently she also slept thru at GSC One Utama. She afraid that I wanted to watch the movie. See-see, both of us slept thru it thinking the other person wanted to see until the end.

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