Back to school, nyek, nyek, nyek.

5xmom doing the hap, hap, happy dance.

Muahahahaha, finally……

I can get rid of the kids for half a day! Yahoo!

Which means……

I have the whole house to myself from 11pm onwards. No more telling the kids to ‘TURN DOWN THAT VOLUME!!!! IT IS 3AM, NEIGHBOURS ARE TRYING TO SLEEP, YOU KNOW!!!!”

I have the whole house to myself the whole morning when toddler is fast asleep. ~Rub hands in glee, can watch p0rn, Kikhkikhkikh.~ Ok, ok, just joking oni.

I don’t have to cook 24/7. Only prepare lunch and dinner. No more breakfast, mid-morning breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper, middle of the night snacks.

I have less laundry to wash.

I don’t have to fight for my own desktop. “You got homework, sorry…..”

Kids are shouting, “MOM, YOU ARE EVIL!!!! .”

Me : Ya, ya, I am your step-mother, Cruella DeViL

Looking forward to having time to think. I don’t even have time to think for the past two months. Hopefully, I can read blog again. YaaaaaammmmmmmmSsssseng!

P/S : Do you know how expensive it is to send a child to school? My #3 who is going to Year Four needs RM165 just to buy books. What kind of books? Heck, I don’t know. What’s the difference between Pendidikan Sivik and Pendidikan Moral? Last time, I only learn Tatarakyat and still I am so ok, what. School uniform costs about RM100 just for one suit. But like they say, it gets cheaper by the dozen. There are hands-me-down.

21 thoughts on “Back to school, nyek, nyek, nyek.

  1. apalah auntie, you spend thousands buying new computer, new outfits for new year, new cameras, never you once got complain expensive. now a hundred plus for school books only what. why so sakit hati one?

  2. gb- Not to mention the traffic jam.

    stanley – Yeah, the books are so expensive now ‘cos got lots and lots of workbook.

    Ahpek – Pssst…quiet la. We must complain expensive mah, so that the gahmen dun keep increasing the prices. Like right now, one subject got two books, buku satu and buku dua. One book for each half of the year. They split to reduce the school bag weight but the prices become double liao. And dunno what mahai subjects oso got. From Std 3 to Std. 4, they increased 3-4 subjects. How are the kids going to cope? Kemahiran Hidup, Pendidikan Sivik, Kajian Tempatan, Musik etc etc. My kid is going to see stars liao becos last time, (std 1-3), he only need to study BM in BM subject. Now? Matilah….

  3. Lilian, lolz……what abt those in Chinese School.Die lar. My niece’s nursery, paying RM600 per month ler. Xiao lar. Now thinking have kid(s) or not kid(s) ? How to survive. U ok lar. Can pawn all the ” kui ” item.


  4. *rubs hands in glee* I’m safe for the time being. No school-going kids yet. I’m not sending Gordon to nursery till maybe 2 months b4 i’m due. But also, see first lah, he’s still so young. Easy to contract sickness. But me prolly have 2 kids, that’s it. But hubby wants 3 woh…. cb

  5. Never too late to wish Happy New Year!!! Have a great 2006, 5xmom!! Plentiful Humour, Long lasting Life, Whitish Lies, & Orgasmic Sex..

  6. Kiasi – Wah, you whole day can blog liao. Turn problogger lah.

    lb – Good wishes, hope all come true. Especially the last one. LOL.

    MamaBoK – I am going to keep my toddler till 5 yrs old. Unless he bugs me too much.

    Samm – Yeah, and gotta wakes up early to send him plus the travelling. Put it on hold, the best.

    Charles – Happy New Year too.

  7. Joe (Dizzy) – Wuah, you mana pigi mati so long never see you online?

    foodcrazee – Dun worry, once go to Std One, very cheap liao. Only one time payment of about RM27 at the beginning of the year and the rest of the year, no need to pay anymore. Not like in kindy. Every month oso kena money, very teruk lor. Last time, half my salary went to childcare, so I resigned lor.

  8. Auntie Lilian, wait till your kids get into college/university, if local U then not much expenditure but if private…then be prepared lor…hehe…and I never bought all the text books which are listed in the book list, coz some lazy teachers don’t even bother to open the text book….my 2cents worth..hehe

  9. hohoho so nice to be free hor. heehe School starts, shopping centers, cinema, road become less crowded and packed. Nice time to go around and enjoy. oohhooho

  10. aiyak!! kids go to school…on the way to my work place balik jam!!! blek….anyway, can tell wats the difference with WP2.0?

  11. ayo yo yo .. true …very expensive kids’ fee nowadays.
    but i am thankful that i can still afford (budget adjustment and what not lah). i pity those with really really really can not afford.

  12. no.1 went for pre-school, first time today. I couldn’t WAIT for his teacher to settle him down, but his surname start with ‘T’… WAH LIAO!!!!!! I wanted to cepat cabut, so I can sibuk sibuk like aunty at the market le…hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

  13. Aiyor, don’t complain about the primary and secondary school expenses lar. Luckily Malaysia colonise by the british, so no fees for primary and secondary school.
    Some (3rd world) country government primary and secondary school charge tuition fees(12 years), but give free tertiatry education(max 5 yaers).

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