Yipee! I managed to NOT blog for a day!

I just realised that I did NOT blog for a day. Very unusual indeed. Maybe I am slowly recovering from the blogmania. Maybe I am getting sienz.

This shouldn’t be the case. Not when my husband just started to talk about blogs.

During dinner

Atm (husband) : When you free time, go blog about the death of Dr. Liew.

Me : What about?

Atm : Double standard. Why Dr. Liew’s death involves the AG to investigate? Why all those other people died never got mentioned? Those Indonesian labourers, Sri Lankan construction workers.

Me : Sure what, life is like that. Anyway, I don’t blog heavy topic, I only write about how I spent your money. You want to say anything, go start your own blog.

Atm : I where got time to blog? I have to constantly work to earn enough money for you to spend.

Me : Really ler, you should blog ‘cos your ideas are so controversial. I would enjoy seeing people throw rotten eggs at you. Who knows….(name censored) may take an interest in you and take you under his wings. We can sit roket liao.

Atm : Dun play-play wei, if I start, Ah Khoon’s chair also shakey liao.

Me : Aiyah…don’t boast la, let me eat in peace. Yahor, you know ah? (name censored again) is 41 years old like me, single and available. Who knows, if you start blogging, she got attracted to you? You have my blessings.

Atm : (conversation censored also)

It is very shocking that Dr. Liew’s life was taken away just like that due to the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities, developers and all responsible parties. We always have to wait for something big and bad to happen before we open our eyes. May he rest in peace and may his wife, Joanne recovers soon. May God gives strength to his family.

17 thoughts on “Yipee! I managed to NOT blog for a day!

  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! i cant post anything on my blog. šŸ™

    it wont let me, says it’s forbidden, dunno what crap. šŸ™ also says my session expired. WAAAAAAAAAA!!! now waiting for help to come by lar. sigh…sienz. blek! :((

  2. yeah.. what a pity. so young, so successful and he had to go like this. i mean it is like striking a lottery. 5 mins slower, he would have missed it. 5 mins faster he would have missed it also. he had to be there precisely on that second when that thing came down. eerie.

  3. Wei…..Aunty Lilian….*hugs* Happy New Year….finally sobering myself up to properly read people’s blog….Hope your New Year will be a good one….:)

  4. Gosh…
    I read about that in the surat khabar, but I did not link that to the Dr Liew that u always mentioned in your blog. Sedihnya…But true osso what your atm said. When it is small people (like me lor…), nothing would be investigated…Takziah to his family…

  5. LeeCS – Stark reminder that the future is not ours to see, hor?

    marlinda – kehkehkeh, I know Dr. Liew the blogger is not bothered, dunch worry. He is very much alive and kicking.

    mystic – You have a good year ahead too!

    cyber-red – I guess we get more jaded after a few years of blogging hor?

    ahpek – Guess life and death is not within our plan.

    Yvy – Wuah…what happened? Hope you got it solve.

  6. hmm, i think i’ll enjoy ATM blog, if he decide to blog, a bit of chili padi fire cracker is good for the soul but have to be careful lei, if you know what i mean.

    anyhoo, i decided to run a post and continue to run a mini post each day when i blog for that weblog awards thingy, push some votes in the right direction šŸ™‚ Cheers!

  7. maybe bloggers (even 5x moms) need to take some time off to recharge? šŸ˜‰

    tragedy: yes & should definitely not happen
    again shows how things in areas can be improved
    seems time & time again that changes only occur after an event happens, then only the malaysian public comes out in uproar & changes occur

    ~ the age old question of proactive vs reactive

  8. Hope that Dr Liew’s death is not in vain. But I think since Maylands (HK Property Developer) has strong ties with guvmen..i think it will be swept under the carpet…

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