How the heck they sell things so cheap?

Ok, change topic. Women stuffs.


Yesterday, I went on photo taking trip and passed by Air Itam. It is a busy narrow road in a Chinese dominated area. Chinese New Year mood is everywhere. Ewwss…I just hate these huge, plastic paper lanterns.


The fashion at the roadside market. A bright angpow red blouse with some beads stolen from the monks’ praying beads. šŸ™‚

Do you know that the blouses sold at the market can cost only RM8? (not the above la) See the below pic and the sign?


Last weekend, I bought 6 pairs of earrings at only RM10 for three pairs from a shop (not the pasar ok?). My son said I ‘chisin’ (crazy) to buy 6 pairs of earrings when I have only two holes. (ear one la).


I asked him, “Why not? It makes me happy.”


I am not allergic to nickle so I can stick anything into my earlobes. Even this RM3 per pair thingie.


See? RM3+ only. Cheaper than condoms.


This one costs a bit more, I think RM25.

So, anyone wants me to parade your handmade costume jewelleries, diamonds or anything? I write great product review, you know?

14 thoughts on “How the heck they sell things so cheap?

  1. helen – Red heels? Hey, once upon a time, I do have red heels. Now? Jalan-jalan masuk longkang can lah. LOL.

    pelf – I bought it for Christmas. šŸ™‚

  2. Helen – YESS!!! Lilian shud take a pic of herself with only her earrings, red lipstick and a pair of red thongs & heels on, hoh.

    Lilian – Eh, dont argue with me on this. Frankly, u shud, you know. Now still young and pretty. New camera sommore leh. Can send ur hubby CNY card made from the pic, hahaha. You can then email to both helen & i for reviews. gerenti we write good ones of your pic. Helen can even photoshop them for u now that she’s into photo restoration n stuffs.

  3. Samm – Hohoho, you want my atm to kena heart attack? What if, what if, I downloaded the photo liao, my computer kena curi-ed? Then, what if, what if the photo go online and that Playboy boss whathisname take me to be his Number four?

  4. WAHHHHH! Liddat congrats loh. Nonid to depend on Adsense ledi. Playboy centrepage spread…. i like. Can live life like the rich and femes than. Remember to send me a copy, hah…

  5. You GOTTA tell me where you get those earrings from!!! Was at Midlands the other day and the salesgirl quoted me RM45.90 for a pair that looks exactly like what you bought. I was huh? So expensive!

  6. wow auntie lilian .. now u so free kah? ..can post so many blologs a day kah? envy u lar.. now i cannot blolog liao….. school reopening means back to work lor..anyway i really enjoy reading yo blolog ..keep on blologing. how come when i was in penang in Dec 05 i didnt see all the cheap things le?? except for the super komdar( or is it Komtar) sale where we got jeans for RM 13 , a sweater for RM 8 and a denim shirt for RM 8 ……

  7. Oiii !!! 6 for RM10? Darnit! My darling bought 3 for RM10 at 1-Utama. Use my money somemore… aiyohhh so sim thia.

  8. Dizzy – You failed your comprehension, pefahaman, karangan and composition. I said RM10 for 3, RM20 for 6. Crazy ah, where got so cheap wan? Your sweetheart already so nice lor, buy only these accessories and not Tiffany or even worse BP De Silva. Heck, I don’t know how to spell oso.

    xtina – I jalan-jalan and found it at Midlands. Must open eyes big-big baru can find. I was in KL on Dec 26 and found that there is not as nice as here.

    DomesticRat – Heh, nice name. The shop is somewhere on the 1st or 2nd floor. Sell alot of Ah Lians fashion wan. Cannot remember the name ler but they took up 2 units so quite a big shop. These are hang just outside near the door. The workmanship not bad lar, the hook got a nice curve so the earrings not so easily come out.

    Samm – Sure, sure, I oso ask for you to appear on centerfold, ok? LOL. Helen oso can. Helen and I cater for filthy rich, older men. LOL.

  9. hieZ !! it’s such a great timing that you posted up those nice pics of those dangly earrings coz lately i’ve been on a shopping spree too ! I also got 3 pairs for RM10 at one of those l’l accesories stalls in Gurney Plaza…

    where’s the shop that sells those cheap clothes that you mentioned ? Where in Air Itam ? i want i want ! I tried one next to the Pulau Tikus market (shop’s name is Hurli) with another girlfriend just today… 4 pair of pants for RM100, etc… not bad, ended up quite productive (my friend splurged RM260 in just that one hour) but one thing exceptional there is the customer service. If it wasn’t for the 2 young men’s power of singing (possibly meaningless) praises, we probably wouldn’t have bought anything ! they were so nice, bring everything for you to try, looked high and low for the right sizes for you, etc… don’t want or not interested after trying the clothes, can always throw back at them – no black face wan ! you should check it out one day – bring your ‘atm’ along because they only take cash, hehe šŸ™‚

  10. Wow..! you so lucky..! wish i can buy earring like tat.. and wear them..! i’m allegic to anything that is not gold.. !! what a real bummer right..??

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