Moving MT to WP2!

Adrenalin flowing, so gotta blog this before I hit the sack.

I installed WordPress 2.0.

I moved my blog on Movable Type to WordPress.

All these done within 3 hours.

With only a tutorial link from Paul Tan.

And a little push from sifu!

Ok, ok, the old (new) blog is not properly linked yet and oops the comments are missing. But who cares….it means all those p0rn spams comments and pings are missing too.

Am I smart or what?

P/S : I decided to put some piggy stuffs on the blog (fomerly PenangFaces) so that’s why I changed to WordPress.

Mental note to self:

1) Ask Paul how to make the URL to

2) Change template to 3-column

3) Check why the comments aren’t imported because they are on the import.txt. (Maybe I ter-delete some lines while I was mass deleting the p0rn spams.

4) Ask Paul how to re-direct the Penangfaces old URL to the new URL.

6 thoughts on “Moving MT to WP2!

  1. congrats! seems like WordPress is getting easier for non-geek bloggers. šŸ™‚

    btw, why don’t you post the tutorial link? it would be helpful for your readers.

  2. Congrats.

    Still on blogger but I plan to join the bandwagon soon, with another blog. Now got to find some tutorials on the net.

  3. Adam – now provides hosting. Just sign up new account and you are ready to go! If you are planning to get your own hosting/domain, then, your webhost will install it for you within minutes. Very easy only.

    Penang Podcast – Yeah, just a few clicks.

    LiewCF – I will probably do that later. I was sleepy liao so have to go to bed. No time to upload the template and plug-ins yet. I actually learnt many new things because the WP 2.0 download I got from WP did not have the import-mt.php file in it and I spend dunno how many minutes figuring it out. Only realised that the file is missing. Also got stucked with the wp-config.php because I don’t know the db username etc. Finally, got the smart idea to copy and paste my other blogs wp-config.php file over and change a bit of the names. So simple steps but was a big ???? to me. šŸ™‚ That’s why I got so excited when I finally get the blog running.

  4. Haha. WP2.0 is still kinda buggy though. Especially with trackback. You’ll have to do some patching to get it to ping correctly.

    Last time I was in your server, I noticed that the mt blog was under your subdirectory. You’ll probably have to move it to the subdirectory and create a subdomain (e.g. tell the dumb server to use instead of

    Too bad you don’t have something like a c-panel for managing. Else it is actually very simple. 2 clicks only šŸ™‚

  5. gbyeow – No choice lor, I downloaded from Codex WP (or whatever the name) and that’s the version I got.

    Hahaha, I think I better ask Paul to move for me or else I terdelete the whole site. šŸ™‚ Yalor, no cpanel ‘cos I very koh-lian, only get small, small hosting.

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