Boh Siah

If the owner lost her voice, does it means the blog does too?

I had my tonsils taken out few years ago because of the constant ‘no voice’ problems. Arrgghhh…I must get back my voice ASAP.

Any remedy? Swallow raw egg with newly born rat? Drink cow’s sperms? Boil tiger’s penis? Brew bear’s paw? Take Serbuk Mao Tan? What?

13 thoughts on “Boh Siah

  1. remedy:
    one bull’s penis.
    one pig’s vagina.
    put the two together in a big claypot, add one spoonful vinegar, one big piece of old ginger, add 1/2 litre “goh gar pee”. top up with “old chicken” soup. let simmer for 12 hours until the two organs are soft and succulent. finish it in one go.
    the name of this soup, “ngau lan dan chee hai”

  2. ahpek – Ok, ok, go to kitchen now to get the herbs but you can supply the organs anot?

    zaramama – I posted comment in JoeC’s blog liao.

  3. Honey lemon drink,
    “Nim jiom chuin pui pei pa ko”, normally used as cough syrup, make into drink. This is assuming you lost your voice due to “heatiness”.

  4. Lilian, someone else also lost her voice woh, sounds familiar, hoh…….. what a coincidence. I’ll blog a remedy for you later, k. Wait ahhhh…..

  5. all the time… but eat more strepsils also ok… at least they cure the swelling in the thraot ( i think)…

    other than that…heh, i would opt for ice cream, leung char, lobak tong, or anything that cool to make the swelling better..=)

  6. This is a recipe that most cought syrup company don’t want you to try. Take 1 tea spoon of honey direct to your throat. Do not dilute in water. Then only drink water. Take 1 more if necessary. Crystalize honey give better effect.

    Not to be serve by diabetes and infants.

  7. moo_t : Really? Crystalize? I got a bottle of honey that has crystalized and I wasn’t sure if it is still edible. I try and lau sai, can sue ah?

    wuching – shut up can die of frustrations wor. Like a mute got stung by bees.

    samm – Read liao and hope to try soon.

    dizzy – tiup kerja tarak boleh cause sorethroat la

    Sphinxy – The doctor gave me difflam. It numbs the throat.

    samm – who ha? I don’t have time to read all the blogs yet. Not you, not helen wor. Who?

    decypher – Wei, singing career finished on Christmas eve. So not singing fault la.

    slau – My ningjom supply finished liao. Must go buy.

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