Rotting in KL again

Should I crap about Lilian too fengshui tips for the year of the dog? I am afraid Helen is going to come after me with a cleaver. She owns SIX dogs. I was about to blog on 101 ways to cook a dog. So, I better go back and polish my draft so that all the dogs lovers do not send dog faeces to me.

Should I lament about my sick kids? Nope. ‘Cos someone is going to call Jabatan Penderaan Anak (child abuse authority) when they read how I laced my toddler’s milk and drinks with drugs. Or how I doused him with water when his temperature was high. Thank God for Dr. C who prescribed cataflam and zyrtec drops. Woohoo! No more spitting (on my face), vomitting (on my lap), bollywood-ing actions from toddler whenever I mention the word ‘eat medicine’. Now, ~evil laugh~ I just need to drop 10 drops into his milk/drinks and he won’t be able to know. I hope zyrtec makes him sleepy. ~more evil laughs~

Should I tell you guys that I HAVE to go to KL AGAIN!!!??!!! -tomorrow- today evening. My atm has work in KL on Friday and Monday. Nephew’s wedding is on Sunday. So, to save my poor atm from flying up and down and driving up and down, we decided to drive down to KL tomorrow evening. Probably we will stay at Boulevard, MidValley this time.

Now, I have to write the standard letter, “Dear teacher, I am sorry to inform that my son is not able to attend class on yadda yadda because yadda yadda.” With three kids, I think it is easier I make a printed copy and photostat them. Signed and pass a stack to each son. They can freely fill in the date and names. Easy, no?

There, I am going to be stuck in KL with no internet access unless I go to Starbucks or Coffee Beans. The hotel charges exhorbitant fees for broadband access. We wanted to stay in MV ‘cos I can let my kids go to the cinemas and bowling alley easily. Plus it is nearer to my nephew’s place in Damansara Perdana. ~sobs~ I can’t stay in Cyberview Lodge anymore ‘cos atm has work on Monday morning.

I am going to rot in MV from Friday till Tuesday. Poor me, poor, poor me. Anyone wants to date 5xmom on Friday? *chokes and faints*

23 thoughts on “Rotting in KL again

  1. Woot, Woot, this Sunday is the big day har?? Remember to go equip with hidden camera and microphone taped somewhere…. (I heard they make good push-up device especially taped at the right place..)lol

    Enjoy yourself and go shopping…

    I’m sure u can find places with Hotspot or free Wi-Fi access in KL. Ipoh also got….lol

  2. MV is the buaya69’s hunting ground. alas, taking my family for a short holiday so can’t meet up with you and matchmake my daughters with your sons. have fun!

  3. Have fun, and enjoy the wedding dinner. Me? Going to Penang for the weekend. Heard they are having crabs promo at new restaurant called Bali, in Gurney Drive.

  4. Can come to my office during office-hour if Starbucks and Coffee Beans are not comfortable…hehe. Very near MV. I’ll get some toys for Matthew to play with while you are busy. Just let me know. Tell you what, not many gets such an invitation from mama23beas, ok!
    I will join any meeting if the time right…

  5. mama23beas – Aiyah, hubby baru changed the hotel to Darby Park dah. I patah kaki, dare not drive in KL punya.

    JoeC – I know what to do liao, watch DVD marathon session.

    fishtail – Yeah, there’s a new place. But the best crabs are from Hai Choo Garden in Tanjung Tokong.

    king’s wife – How ah? Now I moved to Darby which is next to KLCC (the Porche showroom there?).

    may – Mine is in Cyberview.

    Buaya – NVM, next time again.

    MamaboK – We must meet when you come around this region. Wanna match make mah.

    Helen – Yahor, push up bra. OK, I go packing liao.

  6. bad news lilian, zyrtec is one of those rare non-drowsy anti-histamine… no chance of the little guy dozing off soon i guess…

    have a good time in KL…

  7. Lin Peh want date. But, must got yamade wan! If so, tell venue, date and time. Darby Fuck damn porche one. Lin Peh usually recommend friend stay at Rumah Tumpangan near Brickfields or Lorong Haji Taip wan šŸ˜‰

  8. aiyah, why go downtown tiba-tiba? U want to go shopping in KLCC or you want to buy a Porsche?
    Still can…I am game if you are. Up to you..

  9. I heard the rooms at MV are quite spacious. You have Exactly 2 feet of space around your bed.

  10. sorry to disturb.. i just register on MMB twice.. but i can’t login.. what should i do?
    can u kindly e-mail me to help me?

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