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Back in the days when my two older sisters got married (in the seventies), a lot of people were involved and a lot of rituals, traditional practices and cocks and hens were sacrificed. (ok, only cock, of the feathered kind).

Being wiser and younger, I managed to escape all the rituals (in late 80s). No wedding car, no bride chamber, not even the potty filled with red dates, no cockerel to run across the bed, no boy born in the year of the dragon to open the car door, no sum-koo-lok-poh (the lady who conduct the ceremony) etc etc. I only spent RM1,800 for the buffet dinner (100 pax) and reaped a lot of profits ‘cos I invited all my five big bosses who gave me RM500 angpows each. Kehkehkeh.

Fast forward to 2006.

Walau-eh, nowadays, got wedding planners and google groups to arrange your wedding for you. My nephew emailed me the complete programme two nights ago. From what time should the bride and groom wake up to what time they finally get to sleep, what dress to wear, what to bring to where, what song, food etc etc. Isn’t that so cool? If I ever get married again, I want to hire a wedding planner too. But then again, it is easier for me to be the wedding planner instead. ‘Cos, oops, I am not suppose to marry anymore. I fit nicely, hor?

So, boys and girls, next time if you want to hire a wedding planner, give 5xmom a call ya! Or you can adopt my ‘sure profit one’ kinda ceremony. No rituals, no gifts, no dowries, no Chivas, no nothing. Buy the cheapest wedding dinner you can find and state ‘no gifts please, only angpows’ on the wedding invitation cards which you print on re-cycled papers taken from your office.

I have never seen wedding planners before. I only have images of effeminate guys the likes of My Best Friend’s Wedding and that other show about his daughter’s wedding. So, I hope to snap some wedding photos this Sunday and also return to bitch what wedding planners are like in Malaysia. (just had a nice laught over WuChing vs. JeremyC metrosexual posts).

If you have a choice, do you prefer a grand wedding or a fuss-free one?

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11 thoughts on “The Wedding Planner

  1. u can start planning for ur sons…with ur talent, sure untung besar. Hahaha. Go watch “The wedding planner” by Jennifer Lopez. Now tat’s i call wedding!

  2. my wedding was even more low key, we got married at the registry office, a civil wedding, it was supposed to be a few friends & family only but SO many friends turn up!

  3. When its my daughter’s turn I think i will tell her ” just the few of us on a cruisehip will be fine” LOL We received some wedding invites from Malaysia and Singapore some years ago.. the PS part gave us a good laugh and a shock as well ..Cash only please.

  4. yingei Jan7 2006
    Good for you if you can make “money” on your wedding day.——–
    As I said in one of my early posting about wedding “ang-pow”
    On my sister wedding in Singapore in 2005.
    Our aunties (three in all) from Penang. Ipoh and K.l came to stay a 4d/5n with their “log.stock and barrel” in Sin for my sis wedding with a RM200 as ang-pow EACH.
    How to make money YINGEI.?
    You tell me. Your guess is as good as mine tee hee.

  5. What’s the profit margin like for ur client?? If my son ever get married, I’ll remember you and we can make a few bucks…… lol

    Pssst, you got 4 kids…. you’ll going to be a millionaire liao next time they get married… 😛

  6. I get excited when i receive wedding invitations. sometimes i also make customized wedding invitations..,”

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