Why I am less PMS-ing than others

Excuse the multiple pings, I got nothing better to do.

One reason why I am happier than most women.

Most women at buffet breakfast will choose cold low fat milk with muesli.

I choose porridge with lots of salted eggs, century eggs, dace fishes, salty pickled vegetables. Top up with more salted anchovies.

Most women will pick green, raw vegetables.

I will say, “Hey, greens are for cows!” Real women eat nasi lemak with sambal sotong, sambal ikan bilis and rendang daging.

Most women drink tea, black.

Happy women down glasses and glasses of teh tarik. (fark the stroke theory la)

Most women nibble on whole meal buns.

Women true to their feelings slather seri kaya, orange marmalade, honey and pieces and pieces of butter on white toast.

Most women fill themselves with cut fruits.

Smart women pick one slice of each variety of local cakes loaded with sugar, coconut milk and oil.

And I am only talking about breakfast. So, yeah, happy women swallow, not nibble. Food, I mean.

Oh yeah, we also don’t have to worry about imaginary flabs. Because we know it is there, the more of us for our husbands to love.

15 thoughts on “Why I am less PMS-ing than others

  1. no wonder I hardly PMS also…hahhaaa
    Good that you are busy blogging. See? No need to rot in KL mah….
    (aiya!! I pakai baju cantik-cantik, waiting to come KLCC to meet you. I am sure Linpeh is all ready too!)

  2. Those who nibble make it very difficult for me to observe them eating… it almost drives me nuts. I swallow! And I absolutely love all things sweet, although I love wholemeal as well. Put me in a bakery or cakeshop and I’ll go crazy, in a good way of course.

  3. Sound like comparing others hotel guest eating habits. šŸ˜‰

    According to CAP, some of the food you consuming, e.g. nasi lemak + anchovies is healthier than cold milk + sugar coated cereal.

  4. Just eat only lar. Enjoy first mar. Now, where are the good breakfast buffets in Penang??

    I like the buffet back in Malaysia as they have more local varieties – nasi lemak, porridge lar, soup noodles … makes me hungry now.

  5. I just wanna say, I LOVE NASI LEMAK AND TEH TARIK. That’s what I had the whole time for breakfast whilst pregged with No.2 !!! He’s now a most happy and chubby bubby! I’ll be in Pelita at 8.15am, near Wisma Central, near KLCC on Sunday, having my teh tarik, roti telur and dhal (BEST DHAL I”VE TASTED!). If you’re up and about.. i’ll be most glad to meet you!

  6. well… of course good food is cool… we are meant to eat them… but yea, control a bit… know your limit, not too much… =)

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