Why I like car travel

1. My husband cannot ever get air sick, sea sick or any kind of motion sickness

2. My kids can bring all their bolsters and pillows

3.I can bring everything including the kitchen sink

Beautiful sights like this rainbow


Rainbow in Butterworth when we start our journey

4. It is cheap

5. Toll and petrol not on us (if it is a working trip)

6. We can stop for Kampar Chicken Bun, Ipoh Hor Fun, Kuala Sepetang Seafood etc etc


Misty road somewhere near Ipoh hills

7. Beautiful sights

8. Can teach kids some geografi along the way


9. If the kids ask, ‘Are we there yet?’, I can just say, ‘Oh, shaddap and read the road signs!!!!’


10. If we get hungry upon reaching our destination, we can go ‘tarpau’ some nice Cantonese fried beef koay teow, tai lok meen and drinks for less than RM20 which can feed the whole family (contrary to RM20++ for a single plate of noodle from room service).

Soli hor, it is Friday noon and some of my kids are still sleeping. So cannot go out anywhere at the moment. Next time when LinPeh organise the silai bloggers convention, I sure come one. Provided he gets lot of single, male, straight bloggers to entertain us.

Ahh…life is good when I have no floors to sweep (housekeeping is just hanging a sign on the door knob), no laundry to wash (got coin operated machines here) and plenty of lunch over here.

11 thoughts on “Why I like car travel

  1. I agree it is enjoyable travelling by car (especially with frens going on a holiday).
    But travelling long distance with kids…? Parents might love it but I don’t think kids do. Well, I don’t when I was a kid.

  2. marlinda is right – ur detour is good, at least the kiddo gets to unrest their leg and after all the carbo….hehehehheehee sleep lar.

    Enjoy ur trip!

  3. Ya.. with a toddler now. i prefer to travel by car too.. 🙂
    and yes.. love the hotel stay.. if paid by company expense..heheheh!!

  4. That picture of the Penang bridge reminds me of home! I’m from Penang but studying in KL now.. Can’t wait for CNY! Money! Reunion dinner!

  5. hohohoho Travelling by car is best.

    We last time bring PC (two CPUs), laptop, comforter, instant noodles, snacks, whiskey, soft drinks, and lots of clothes with shoes and sandals for change. hahahha

    Travelling is just so nice with all of that. kih kih kih

  6. My family used to go down to KL from Penang every year during the school holiday. That was in the 80s where no highway was available yet. We used the regular road lar. Very nice. I got to learn my geography thru seeing the plantations or produces in the states we passed thru. Coconut/Rubber in Perak and Palm Oil in Selangor.

    Our main attraction was the the lion hill (see chee sun) at Sg Siput. You won’t see this hill from the highway.

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