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Photo of the bride and groom and the groom families. Sui boh? All my nieces are either married or already having steady boyfriends, so don’t even think of asking the aunt to introduce, ok? šŸ™‚ This is taken at Damansara Perdana.


This one has the bride’s families on (your) left and the groom families on (your) right. The fusion of two families, one from Penang, the other from Johor. This is from the most beautiful garden in Cyberview Lodge. The place is so, so romantic and elegant and the church ceremony (or what you call a wedding presided by the pastor?) was simply breath-taking.

Girls, if you haven’t got a boyfriend yet, better go search for one rich, rich guy and ask for a wedding at Cyberview Lodge, ok? Later, I will post more pics of the nice sceneries at Cyberview Lodge, including the banquet hall. Guys, you better start saving for a garden party cum banquet at Cyberview Lodge.

This is the 2nd Christian wedding I attended. I must say that Christian weddings beat the other wedding for its simplicity, fuss-free yet very meaningful ceremony. The young couple was reminded about the sacred union and how God will shield them through the little turbulences faced by ALL marriages.

May God bless the bride and groom and shower upon them His blessings forever.

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  1. fishtail – LOL, you only think of food! OKlah. And they got one waiter for each table and change cutleries EVERY dish plus the wine and whiskey glasses never go empty. Fuyoh! LOL.

    Willwolf – I just checked the net and found that my nephew actually hired a very professional photographer wor. The Photoz LOL, I was following the photographer around and snap the same angles like he did. Well, most of them la ‘cos the photographer gotta squat here and there to take special angles. Ei, it can be fun to be the photographer hor? Can go places where people can’t. You should contemplate going pro liao. Very chiqik ler.

    #P – It is in Cyberjaya, about 30 mins from KL on a Sunday without traffic jam.

  2. aiyah lilian, why i cari cari lu cannot find one! which lobang u hide ah? hahaha! the couple looks so happy & both families r too! very nice!

  3. wuching – alamak! You no recognise me ah? LOL. The first pic, in blue. The 2nd pic, behind the groom. Aiyoh…die ler, I must have put on weight until you cannot recognise. Must diet, after CNY.

  4. king’s wife – Cleo 50 Most eligible bachelor wor and the wife air stewardess wor. šŸ™‚

    wuching – I dunno you got put the verbs in opposites or not wor.

  5. I was about to ask you to post some more pix of your nieces before I saw your comment that they are either married or attached.- Cheh!!

  6. Your nieces look nice and the bride is ravishing… OK, OK… sexy and busty. So, all of them are attached lar?? In that case, can we request for the ‘underaged’ cutie in blue?? (1st pic) That one not attached hor?? LOL

    I agree 100% Christian weddings are fuss free. Summore for those who are not that well off, easy on the pocket also…. why?? Christian weddings usually no alcohol /XO/beer etc. ….

  7. Hi Lilian, I posted this message in another site with this photo but i’m going to post it here again. Hopefully you’ll read this and reply.

    Do you mind finding out and letting me know where I can get hold of the lovely ‘qhuah’ your niece is wearing? I have been looking high and low for this chinese costume (without dragon motives) for a long time. Would appreciate if you can drop me a mail at It would be a most wonderful thing if i can wear a nice qhuah for my wedding. Thanks a zillion!

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