Cyberview Lodge wedding

OK, ok, promise this is the last installment of wedding photos. Can’t help it because if you Google ‘Cyberview wedding’, you get 5xmom somewhere in the top five search. šŸ™‚


WuChing asked if we can wear blacks to wedding? Technically speaking, ehe, no. Especially not to Chinese traditional wedding where the couples are Taoists. The family will probably chase you away with broom and strewn salt and rice to get rid of the bad luck.

But my nephew and his wife are Christians, so I figured out that no one bothers. Moreover, the dinner banquet is a black and white affair. I even garbed my two kids in all black and my toddler too wore a black pants with dark blue shirt. The Cyberview Lodge has the rustic, cottage look, no?


This is the banquet hall decorated with white plum blossom. What I like about this wedding is the punctuality. Things start on the dot and dinner is finished by 10.30 pm. There are no loud karaoke or drunkard apeks (old men) who sing ‘Yeh Lai Siang’. Only a very sweet voice girl sang some lovely songs, a thank you speech by the couple, the mandatory yamseng (toast), cake cutting and champagne popping.


The table setting with fresh bouquets on every table and path ways. There aren’t any tacky, skin-crawling food presentation except for a short, simple one. We had one waiter per table who changes all the chinas after every meal. Wine glasses, whiskey and brandy were filled instanteously. Hic, hic.


All in all, it was a sweet ceremony. I did not take too many photos of the food because I don’t want to appear jakun with a DSLR camera and snapping furiously at every dishes.

Now I am guilty of promoting lavish wedding ceremonies. Guys are going to curse me for planting that kind of ideas on their girlfriends.

12 thoughts on “Cyberview Lodge wedding

  1. Lilian, thanks for the photos. beautiful indeed. I’ve been to Cyberview Lodge Resort, and Sembunyi Spa. Nice place. Equatorial Bangi has a nice garden for weddings too.

  2. hmmm nice place to hold a garden wedding. i did enquire them before for my wedding but they cant accommodate the number of guests i estimated. quite pricey too but i guess its worth it kekeke… thanks for the lovely shots

  3. Very leang!! The place looks wonderful…. there is no gaudy feel. Hope I can afford a wedding dinner there next time…. šŸ˜› (I still have not throw a wedding dinner ler….. waiting for Rojakz 4D to come out 1st prize.) lol

  4. Wow…
    Sangat cantik. Thanks kak lilian for sharing these pictures… I have never been to that place, nanti balik boleh lah put in the list to places I should go šŸ™‚

  5. marlinda – They use the place for big shots meeting too, call the garden APEC garden.

    Helen – Can I be your bridesmaid? Pretty please……. LOL

    S-Kay – Yeah, show Naz all those weddings photos there, just google cyberview wedding and you can find several people’s blog. Hint, hint from now, so can start saving.

    Wu-Ching – Pai seh, small one only. šŸ™‚ ‘Cos it is not the $$ that counts but our attendance. (ok, my excuse for being stingy)

    babe – yeah, if dough is not the problem, I also want a lavish wedding like that. Or maybe a 25 years wedding anni. (not very far away, if I start saving now LOL)

    Amber – Actually, I missed visiting the lovely structures of Putrajaya. Too late already that nite and we just drive past. Hope to go again next time and check out Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

  6. walaueh auntie, i just googled for “cyberview lodge wedding” and guess who’s Number One on the list??

  7. Hi, any comments on the chinese food? Is it delicious? I tried the buffet in Verandah Restaurant there. Not too impressive…

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