I got bitten by the bug

I mean the Chinese New Year bug. Have you been to the shopping malls lately? Gee, they are like Chinese temples, aren’t they? So many lanterns, so red and so packed.

I went to Sungai Wang/BB Plaza three times in five days. I was at Ampang Park twice in two days. Then, I was caught in the crazy, frenzied parents pack at Jusco, Midvalley on a Sunday. OMG, the parents buy stuffs for their kids like there is no tomorrow.

OK, I did not particularly like Sungai Wang/BB Plaza but my kids just have to go there almost everyday to buy their skateboarding stuffs. And Ampang Park is just opposite my hotel so I went there for meals with the kids.


Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

I was at MidValley during the Jusco sale because I was in an emergency situation. You see, I put my kids’ clothes meant for the wedding but these brats did not bring them along to KL. At the last minute, in less than 3 hours, I had to grab some decent shirts for them.

So after rubbing shoulders, backside, frontside with so many kiasu Chineses who are so eager to welcome Chinese New Year, I also got bitten by the new year bug.

Nah, you finished listening to the recording liao hor? (I hope you did turn on your speaker and hear some Hokkien announcement?) Remember hor, tomorrow 12th January 2006, surf over to Tok3Tok4 and see what he is planning for us bloggers to do. In case you are curious which lengjai voice is, that voice belongs to John PenangPodcast. Awww….LinPeh, we (the silais) are so disappointed that the voice is not yours.

7 thoughts on “I got bitten by the bug

  1. Why disappointed ? Ah John my authorize spoke person cannot meh ? Anyway, if ut Lin Peh voice, scare all lari like riot like dat

  2. u know MVMM is packed go to KLCC lar..

    *cowed* don wan 2 hear LinPeh’s voice……kia si gua ar.

  3. The red red sheer cloths hanging down the mall on the pic you posted reminded me of those brothels in those swordplay series… 😛

  4. mama irma – silai means housewives, the kind you find hanging around markets gossipping. LOL. A not so flattering description la.

    helen – Hohoho, I get what you mean. The hero can fly across, pull the red cloth with lots of drama ya.

    jimmy – There was some Chinese singer dunnowhathisname there and these people are crowding around to get his autograph. Some even hold the I (heart) U signs. Ewws.

    foodcrazee – KLCC barang-barang all expensive, kena parking oso expensive wor.

    LinPeh – With that kind of voice, probably we can endure the hamsap talk from you better lor.

  5. eh, ampang park is kick ass, man… the pc games shops there (although now only a handful) are teh pwn.

    plus a good place to buy camera accessories…

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