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I admit, I am very jakun (country bumpkin). Over here in Penang, the wedding cakes are made of styrofoam. What we got to eat are some cheap cakes in a box. But the cake in the photo above is a real cake wor. With real roses on top. Sugar coated and some very delicious, yummy butter cake inside. We could never have enough of them ‘cos we were famished while waiting for the dinner. And it is served by smartly dressed waiters in individual china!


Awww….the wedding march complete with flower girls, page boy with the wedding ring and two bridesmaids. The bride was with her eldest brother.

You know what is amazing? It has been raining almost every day. The sky was cloudy on the wedding day but eventually, the weather was purrrrfect for the ceremony. Not too hot and no drizzle too. The pastor said that it was a test of faith. Indeed, praise God!


The view of the garden ceremony. Just like a set from some Hollywood movie, ya? (wuching, don’t search too hard, I am not in the pic. šŸ™‚ ) Let’s see, the march, followed by some prayer and songs of worship. Then, the pastor talked a bit (actually a whole lot šŸ™‚ zzzzzz), followed by more songs and then, the wedding vows.

Hey, did the bride threw her bouquet so that some single girls caught it for good luck? I don’t remember that. I was too busy ‘cos I had to keep an eye that my toddler did not really strip and jump into the inviting pool at the back. Most of the photos were taken by my hubby.


This is for the tea ceremony which took place much earlier in the day at the groom’s apartment. Tea ceremony is an important part of the wedding, regardless of religion, ‘cos it is a getting-to-know you ceremony or rather an induction to the family. Will write longer piece later.


Ehe, the auntie and parents of the groom. The two girls at the back are my nieces (sisters of the groom) and the lengchai in between is my niece’s husband.

These beautiful fans were given away as souveniers. I am practicising the fan-holding stance so that I have prospects of becoming a sam-ku-lok-poh (some professional ladies who conduct traditional weddings) next time. I know my make-up looks real heavy ‘cos I was prepared for dinner (not for some outdoor cocktail!). I wanted to bring a change of clothings for the dinner, wear something appropriate for the garden party but hubby and kids screamed, “ARE YOU MAD? YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONE GETTING MARRIED AH?” Sheesh, that’s the problem with having only sons. Just they wait….next time when they get married, I am going to compete with their brides and demand the same number of dresses. Muahahahar! And charge it to their account.

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  1. hehe too cool, i was just looking at these images on flickr and had to look for the blog post šŸ˜‰

    and wow, never knew people could actually use styrofoam cake šŸ™ so kesian…

  2. *ponders on the location*

    but it really looks like a very nice event – esp to be held outdoors (china et all)

    will this be (is?) the new popular thing?

    usually seen cakes with only the base being real & the rest being fake. the cake really is/would make a nice touch

  3. nice…cool
    garden wedding

    auntie lilian..soli…
    but u look as if u were forced to take these picture…
    may b the smile

    next time…smile and show teeth ok

  4. OMG!! Outdoor wedding service really like those Hollywood movies with Julia Roberts feel!! LOL

    What a lovely setting!! OMG!! Who is that HOT mamasan with fan???? Seriously, you’ve should have bought more change of clothings…. HA HA HA HA… ..

    Seriously, what a beautiful wedding!!

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