If we eat horse, do we become stud and if dog, become bitch?

This comment had me in stitches. fire80 is one humourous guy. I had asked him to start his own blog because I am sure it will be a hit.

I would like to tell you about Rendang Kuda. I ate this piece of delicious spicy rendang contributed by or receptionist.

I thought it was some chewy beef. It was really delicious until she announced En. f1re80 that is Horse-meat my auntie cooked.

I smiled (inside Horror) chew chew chew (some more horror), my throat started to tighten. chew chew chew, my body start to rebel, ran to the dust bin and phthoooeeey pthoooey, run some more to the pantry diabetes or not and eat sugar…. (note to self- to remind secretary if I start to neigh to send myself to a bomoh/ shaman).

After 3 hours I am still on my 5 mug of cold water trying to get rid of the memories…of horse in my mouth.

Apparently Horses from Ipoh retire from racing int9o the Rendang Pot. And the Bawean/ Boyan community (Of indonesian Decsent) in Malaysia consider Horse (Phthoooeey!) Meat a delicacy.

He asked me to do a little investigative gourmet research. No way, fire80. I am not going to eat a horse! Not even dogs or cats or camels.

Anyway, about the gripes of some sectors who said it is ‘not nice’ to sembelih the cows and goats at public fields, I just want to say, STFU. Tell me, how are you going to squeeze a cow into your 600 sq. feet flat? Huh? Huh? Huh? Go figure?

BTW, talking about sacrifices, I was at Jalan Imbi, about to tuck into a RM30 sang meen (huge river prawns noodle) on Monday night and a few doors away, they were slaughtering a cow. My kids had wanted to take my DLSR which is super huge to snap photos. I did not allow them because I know I will be too grossed out to view them later. Anyway, it is very rude, don’t you think so?

My two older kids are aware of Abraham and his faith in God. So, the three of us were telling our 9 yrs old (#3) how Abraham had wanted to sacrifice his son but God was touched and told him to sembelih (slaughter) a cow instead. Well, #3 asked us a lot of questions related to Nabi Ibrahim and Abraham. Most of the questions, we don’t know the answers (‘cos I haven’t finished understanding the Old Testament) so, we just tell him, “Aiyah, just remember that in the Quran and Bible, there is this man and he wanted to kill his son as sacrifice to God but God accepts cows and goats too.”

BTW, in case some of you aren’t very sure what exactly is the reason behind killing these animals, it is a vow they made with God and they are fulfilling it. My ex-colleague, Roslan (driver) explained to me that he cannot afford the price of a whole goat so he shared with others and kill a goat as thanksgiving to Allah for blessing him with another son after his previous baby died of heart condition.

Roslan is a joker and told me he can only afford the kote of the kambing. LOL.

14 thoughts on “If we eat horse, do we become stud and if dog, become bitch?

  1. Horse meat? What’s the bit deal? If you eat chicken during bird blu period, THAT’s a tragedic. 😉

    It is not good to let children watch slaughtering scene. Even by the name of the religious, adults should make sure no children around. IMHO, those life-shot are worst than the movie violence scene.

  2. Like dat woman should eat more COW ! so the neh neh gto more stock la ? Man eat snake (makan ular) can grow long long also ? 😉

  3. The French eat horses too, thats why I put my foot down when hubby wanted to buy some race horses.
    Nowadays no need to sacrifice animals for God anymore—Remember he sent his Son down as THE scarifice for all of us.

  4. romantic – Well, i have no comments on that (sacrifice part). 🙂

    Cockadoodle – Now that you mentioned, I am bad! When I was in Sydney, I ate one platter of crocodile, kangaroo, ostrich and emu (or whatever native animal of OZ) steaks! I think that was my most exotic meal adventure in the whole lifetime.

    Samm – Wuah, good mah, terus get muscled. Nice! LOL.

    LinPeh – Yeah, Linpeh supports breastfeeding. Want to grow what into snake? LOL.

    foodcrazee – Bird? Tiny like birds?

    marlinda – Yalah, I asked him, bahagian mana kambing tu hang ambik? Kepala? And his reply was, Mana aku ada duit banyak tu, cuma kat …… kambing tu( you fill in the blank) aku mampu la.

    moo_ t – We did not witness the live slaughering la, just cutting up the parts. So, kids had biology lessons. LOL.

    Wingz – Got, we eat liao, we keep the tiger penis for the husbands. Ask Helen true anot? Harimau kuat.

    ahpek – You try bears better la.

  5. muahahah still bulih ketawa (while nak comment on the recent post but cannot hehehe)…some people are just full of shit eh kak lilian? Heheh…

  6. Yep… harimau is kuat…. for washing your laundry at least. lol
    I cannot eat horses… they’re so gentle…… Who have the heart to eat Seabiscuit, Black beauty. and Lone Ranger’s Silver?? Hi Ho Silver!! LOL

  7. helen – Harimau so kuat, even the kkc skin oso can come out, no nid potong liao. LOL. Ask Wingz wanna try anot? ‘Cos he said he bath with sabun cap kapak mah.

    skyjuice – Wuah, you made my day.

    marlinda – When I free time, I share more gila-gila stories I heard from Roslan, another Pak Cik (both of them drivers) and our office assitant, Hashim. I tell you, sure laugh till tak boleh nafas.

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