Chitika payment through Paypal – Should I accept?

This post is labelled ‘offensive’. 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is the 2nd month I received notification through email from Chitika that payment for my ads revenue have been transferred into my PayPal account.

You’ve got new funds!

Dear Lilian,

Chitika, Inc. just sent you money with PayPal.

Chitika, Inc. is a Verified buyer.

To complete this payment, you must accept or deny it within accept or deny this payment within 30 days, it will be cancelled and the funds will be returned to Chitika, Inc.’s account.


Payment Details

Amount: $ secret 🙂 USD


I had rejected the payment last month. The amount is put back into my Chitika account. Now this is the 2nd month with slightly higher amount. I did not accept the payment because I need to furnish my credit card number to Paypal. No way! My darling atm’s supplementary card for me has obsence credit limit (think Pretty Woman?). Risky, man.

So, my questions are :

1) Should I sign up one ciplak bank credit card and use this solely for PayPal? One with very low credit limit?

2) Can I ask for a mere RM1,000 credit limit from the bank? Kehkehkeh? BTW, my current bank is very strict on credit card transaction and will call me in the middle of the night even when I merely spent USD3.98 to buy domain from Yahoo. (roll eyes)

3) I have no intention of getting cheques from Chitika due to the hassle of bank charges etc and prefer PayPal payment because my sons have lots of skateboarding stuffs to buy online. Since money come (without going into my hands), money can go easily, right?

4) I have taken off my Chitika ads as they don’t blend nicely on my template. (psssst….revenues suck, actually) Are you guys getting decent clicks after audit?

5) Anything else I should know about using PayPal?

12 thoughts on “Chitika payment through Paypal – Should I accept?

  1. not sure as i have not agreed with that either. No way i am gonna give away my credit card number. Ur amex platinum worst still….chuckle!

  2. I used paypal. but i live in usa. i sell/buy stuff on ebay and needed it for the transactions. but really have to be careful with paypal becos a lot of spam emails and sometimes unneccessary worry about the account being hacked.

  3. 1) You can get a PB DEBIT CARD (read my blog :P)

    2) Red 1).

    3) Great mom.

    4) CTR dropped alot, average pay per click dropped too. After audit does not deduct too much. My main visitors are from U.S., btw.

    5) use a secret email for paypal account.

    btw, what happen if u reject the payment? The payment carry forward? Or it is still sit in your PayPal account waiting for acceptance? I afraid the payment will expire if you do not accept it. Hope I am wrong.

  4. I use PayPal for my eBay transactions, they’re pretty ok. Quite handy for online purchases for sure (which supports your #3). If you’re unsure about giving your CC details, like you’ve contemplated, get a low-credit line, & sign up for another gmail account used solely for online transactions with PayPal (not many emails would be sent anyway, and I’ve not received spam like wHOisBaBy has encountered. maybe lucky kwa).

  5. get a new sup cc from atm and get him to put a rm1000 limit on the card. no more hassle lah then, or, get a debit card. i got my chitika payment in my paypal account but dunno what to do with it yet. you can always transfer it to someone else for a small fee, of coz.

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