Ten reasons why some people hate this blog


1) Too many ads

2) Too many ads

3) Too many ads

4) Too many ads

5) Too many ads

6) Too many ads

7) Too many ads

8) Too many ads

9) Too many ads

10) Too many ads

ShaolinTiger said … (1/12/2006 11:12:24 PM) :

Swifty you seem to spend most of the time making love to yourself. Isn’t that enough?

Lilian, conversely some could say that those people with enough time to post 3-4 times a day, and post specifically to get search engine hits on certain terms need to get a fucking life too (whilst using a “pro blogger” theme šŸ™‚

Hellooooo, what is it to you that I put ads? The page has a button for you to choose -Ads or no ads, you know? And there is a red little box with an x there.

Kamigoroshi said … (1/12/2006 11:19:31 PM) :

If there is only one thing to hate in this mere blogging world, it’s aggresive ads. Scary sons of bitches. They can bite your leg off when you’re not looking.

I am not a techie genius, I only download ready-made theme. The theme is from the techie genius Tim Yang. All I need is to key in my adsense client id and voila, the ads are there. To the max. I like the theme because it looks beautiful with my 17″ wide screen laptop.

Yeah, the theme is called Pro-Blogger clean. Pro-Blogger clean is the name, just the name. Does the thought of 5xmom having the status of a pro-blogger makes some of you veteran (konon) bloggers nervous or what? Whoaaa….housewife only wor. Mana boleh?

Kimberlycun said … (1/13/2006 12:54:06 AM) :

eliar, i noticed that you deleted a comment under my account. this is freaky as i had not posted anything on this post yet. what was the comment about? it’s not mine and i have changed my password.

i don’t think experimenting with ads is that bad, and i believe chanlilian would agree with me too (she being so hardup for adsense income till the extent of getting banned by google once). x

But if any one of you think that I am grovelling on ads money, then think again. I had run my parenting website for years on MY OWN money, godammit! Ask Bryan how much I am paying for the large webhosting of my parenting website? Ask Paul how miserable my webhosting is for my personal site? So, STFU. Any time, any day, I can take off my Google Adsense and I still live the life I am living.

If I choose to blog 10 times a day, what does it have to do with you? I spend a lot of time on my parenting forum too. Thousands of postings.

Wake-up, there is a difference in normal blogging like what I am doing and writing hate blogs, ok? I am talking about hate blogs and how hate blogs bloggers (and the anons commentors) ought to get a life. I was thinking about the blog that has you, ST in photoshop picture (link remove liao ‘cos my kids read my blog) when I posted that comment. So, I am thoroughly disappointed that instead of agreeing with me, you come and flame this housewife for being a no-lifers.

BTW, I remembered you have mentioned somewhere that I did not allow your ping. Let me tell you why. It wasn’t me, it was the Spamkarma2 plugin. How in the world the SP2 picked up your IP as spam, you should know better. None of my normal commentors ever have their comments put in the bad karma (in the rank of 6.5) bin. I can’t figure out why.

Eliar Swiftfire said … (1/13/2006 01:13:38 AM) :

Kim: Ah, don’t worry, it was just ST. He forgot to log off from your account when he first posted here.

TO PPS – Care to explain how a blog like xialanxue is allowed to ping on PPS? I saw that it has been pinged twice.

In closing, enough of Singapore vs. Malaysia blog wars already la. Let’s go sing Chinese New Year song instead. Build a community instead of keeping all those hatred feelings inside. Bad.

And yeap, I am not allowing comments because I have lots of blogs to write and have no time to reply comments. šŸ™‚