*@Censored@* meme

I am very good in (censored) because even a robot can turn blue due to hyperventilating when the job is being done.

A mamasan taught me the skill by sucking out the juices from grapes. Then, we advance to eating bananas. All the Vitamin C are good for the facial skin. Have you seen how radiant my photos look? All these precious water are full of proteins, better than bird’s nest. Swallow. Be it a bird or an action.

Now, this power and skill are passed on only to trusted disciples. So, any girls filled with loneliness because they have been sitting on the shelves for too long, you just need to apply by leaving a random appeal on my blog.

A complete manuscript will be sold for a very high price to selected candidates However, fret not. The returns are ten folds. You can hook a big fish with this. Then, you will spend the rest of your life, doing nothing but shaking legs and writing crap blogs.

Total word count : One 69


This is how the meme works:

Use these 10 words, only once. Write something between 100-200 words.

I got tagged by JoeC, Ah Pek and Yvy and am not tagging anyone because all my frens veli nice one, so I won’t traumatise them. 🙂 But if WuChing, Lin Peh, Boredworkers, Samm, Mahagurusia and are up to it, please, please carry on.

8 thoughts on “*@Censored@* meme

  1. i don’t think my wife would let me do this meme (she’s my censorboard) so i’ll give this one a miss. meme r getting outta control day by day, whatever happened to good clean fun, all down the drain. *why am i saying this?* i’m blurred

  2. Pssst psssst, I want the manuscript also!! I need extra income for CNY and I dun want to work coz I want to blog!! Give discount lar!!

  3. wuuaaahh!!! my sifu bukak step edi lor….

    wh, i’m not going to be on the shelve for long but i need the manuskript to sustain power leh. i’m right behind helen!!!

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