Long, long ago, there lived a village chief name Dick. He is a very insecure man. To prove his manhood, he would decorate his village with phallic symbols. One day, a family from the next village passed by….

“Aiyoh….mommy, what is that!”, asked the little boy who is the third son.

Mommy rubbed eyes and try to catch her breath, “I, I, I oso dunno wor.”

“Dick”, came the reply from the oldest son.

“Gonad”, came the reply from the second son.

“Neow-neow and ball-ball” (little penis and testicles), answered the little toddler.

“Take the photo and send it to the newspapers. Poor Dick’s villagers money all gone into that, they have a right to know.” The master ordered.

“Your wish is my command, dear.” Mommy replied.

The End

Ladies and gentelmen, delusional busybodies and caring citizens, the above photo is taken from Pitt Street where several tourist spots are located. These are supposed to be five-foot way decorations. Check out my previous posts
Gosh, those Penang goons and Idea for Durex – Merdeka Special. See any similarities?

Political musings only certain Penang people understand.
A few weeks ago, I was the park and saw Mr. White Hair sitting on a bench after jogging. He still has the commanding figure. For several moments, I wish he is still in charge. People call him Pek Moh Kau (white hair monkey, a nickname his buddies refer to him) and things weren’t so silly back then when he ruled. How in the world did the speckie kia let this important office slips into the new hands?

So, everyone, have a dickhead week ahead!

15 thoughts on “Dick

  1. ps. whoppsie!! you’ve been tag so dont whine n self-tag ok? i tag u liow!!! n i’m sure u’re gonna like this one. lol =P

  2. But isn’t most of state runs by a lot of “d*ck head”? Only Penang dare to speak it out. Not bad.

    p/s: They are nuts. You better tell Peter Tan this. Who the hell will put 2 small balls at the road shoulder? To tripped and killed some unaware pedastrians?

  3. zberjnak – Yeah, prolly they don’t have the brains. 🙂

    muteaudio – Right, the same symbols. Ciri-ciri kejantanan urrrmmm no?

    moo_t – If you look closely, they changed the tar roads to cobblestones road. And these aren’t the type of real cobblestones like those I walked on in Rome. It is some sharp, dangerous surfaces. Arrgghh…don’t even get me started on what they did to Gurney Drive. Instead of widening the road, they widen the middle section and narrow the road which serve no purpose and cause even more jams. Brainless, really!

    foodcrazee – Yeah, tell it like it is. He is only 3 yrs old.

    Ian and Wuching – You ask our City Council lor. I think they want to put some metal chains between the dick-like poles later but for what purpose, I don’t have the faintest idea. Just to spend money, I think.

    Yvy – You and JoeC tagged me. Ok, ok, I will do them, laterz.

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