What it takes to own a bike licence?

You think I am too old to get one? A lesen motosikal?

My hubby is asking my eldest son to start taking bike lessons so that by the time he reached 16 years old in a couple of months time, he can straight away take the test. Duh, some parents are so kiasu, hor?

So, I got the idea of joining him to go for riding lessons. You know, the figure 8, hand signs and what else, huh? I also no need to take undang-undang anymore, right?

Of course, I had ridden a bike for ages. I had ridden in the jungle in Bruas, the beaches of Manjung and the hills in Taiping. The only places I dare not ride are residential areas where there are thirsty men in uniforms, hiding in bushes who are looking for kopi.

Anyone just taken your bike licence? Is it true that recently JPJ has increase the age for bike licence to 17 years old?

As for the reason why I want a licence, it is because we have a bike at home that is under used. My toddler future kindergarten is too near to drive and too far to walk. So, a bike is just nice. Yeah, I also can kreeaaakkkkk ptttuiii the morons who cut into my lane and show them the finger without wondering if they missed seeing it.

13 thoughts on “What it takes to own a bike licence?

  1. im 19 and i haven’t take my drivers license yet. told my mum that i wanted to take bike license as well but she say its too dangerous. so, goodbye my beloved metalic silver scooter! sobs. then again, heard they gonna implement the ‘you only can get ur drivers license at 21’ rule this year.

  2. After getting your license you may consider hanging out with us at Hard Rock cafe. Bikeys no need to queue up to get in.
    I can imagine 5xmom in leather jacket with Harley emblazoned on it, high boots, german helmet, tattoos….LOL

  3. cycle la! exercise mah…! i damn skiat of moto.. the drivers in my neighbourhood, macam F1 in their beefed-up-suped-up-overdone kereta!

  4. oooo man….. I think Lilian gonna be one of those Harley mamas soon. Here, the 50’s ( born in)generation are now forming Harley clubs to ride in the weekends and vacations.

  5. My goodness, it’s scaryy to ride a motorcycle in penang isn’t it? Haha.
    For car license, it has to be two weeks after your birthday to sit for the exam I think. I’m not sure if it is the same for bikes.

  6. oooo man….. I think Lilian gonna be one of those Harley mamas soon. LOL Here, the 50’s and 60’s ( born in) generation are now forming Harley clubs to ride in the weekends and vacations. Expensive hobby

  7. romantic – Aiyoh, all I want is a little scooter to scoot around to the sundry shops and takeaway economy rice! LOL, if I ever ride a Harley, I will rope you in, ok? LOL. We terrorize the neighbourhood.

    anastasia – I must check out these info from the driving school soon. But currently, the weather here in Penang is like oven so I am not going to compromise my freckle-free face for a bike licence. 🙂

    m.o.t.t. – Dear, the weather here is killing, like 36 deg.C during noon. I will be fried! If only I live in temperate countries.

    Pelf – In Penang, it is ok to get a bike licence but other more urban places, bad idea I guess.

    hcfoo – My son told me his schoolmates told him JPJ just hang up a notice that the age has been increased to 17 years old. Not sure true anot.

    Cocka Doodle – Wuah…I so kamtoong you wanna take me as your gang member. I dress as a hen?

    Samm – Wei, cool to ride a bike wor. I hope to take Lesen Kelas B now and when I am 60 yrs old with age spots (James of Loopymeals said so), I wanna wear bare back leather, boots, shorts and ride a Harley. ROTFLMAO

    chengsim – Better do it when you are young. I took my car driving licence at 17 yrs old and I started driving the day I passed it. Alone, at night, passed a graveyard and got freaked out so stepped hard-hard on the accelator. You know, when you are young, you are fearless. If not as you grow more mature (older), the heart shrink more and more. Hmmm..something to blog!

    Lin Peh – All also need lesen, must be above 16 years old or else kena statutory…….wateva.

  8. can lah Lilian– me ride side car okie LOL. we terrorise Penang until our kids disown us. LOL

  9. Got my bike license many years ago. That time going for tuition by bike even before I got the license.

    A distance like you described is just nice by riding a bike. So short distance, no need license wan lah. 😛

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