Of DOM, abalone and China ‘oyster’

It was a scorching hot afternoon and three men were flocking together. One was making ban-chean-kueh. He is old. Another one was probably a salesman wasting company’s time by hanging out with them, waiting for his ban-chean-kueh.


The third one is a tattoo-ed guy, with an earring and a tight red collarless t-shirt. He is supposed to be helping the old man to pack the Chinese pancakes and deal with the money.

So, this woman with 3 sons was there, waiting for her order. The youngest child was in her arms.


So, the two ban-chean-kueh sellers were telling the salesman about the RM120 kuey-teow soup (noodle soup) they ate in Johor which has abalone inside. Abalone like the above costs around RM180 per tin? (not sure of the price ‘cos I never eat them for decades already)

Woman, being wise and arrogant, did not give a fark to their conversation and was looking at the passing cars with no expression.

Suddenly, from abalone, the stupid red shirt, tattoo-ed, earring-ed man’s conversation turned to China oyster. With his super humsup grin, he guffaw-guffawed like woman was either deaf, from Russia or a retard (no offence to any one of these three, please) or born yesterday. In his lewd voice, he talked about RM150 China oysters. His beady eyes were trying to catch if woman understood his meaning. No expression. Woman pretended to be busy conversing with toddler in English.

Then, he proceeded to tell the salesman how nice it is. These oysters are fresh, flown in from China and taste good with a dash of lime (lemon wateva). The three of them laughed like monkeys.

OK, you red shirt, tattoo-ed, earring-ed stupid DOM, just you wait. I am going to curse till yours turn into a pickled dill. (I am gonna show you, dear readers, what pickled dill looks like. I shall wait for daytime when I have the right lighting to capture a green dill with warts on it.) Meantime, I shall fumed that I did not bring along my camera.

Otherwise, I would have pretended to tell them that I am taking photos of the pancake, took their photos and post them up on public forums and hope their wives/girlfriends found it. Caption – DOM having a taste for China oysters. I hope they turned green-lips (good abalones have green lips, btw) after eating too many. BTW, really ah, China ones only cost RM150? No limit buffet wor.

Whoever dun geddit, shouldn’t be reading my blog. šŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Of DOM, abalone and China ‘oyster’

  1. Wat? In JB got koay teow soup that cost RM120 meh? They don’t cost that much lah..but they give you a few slices of abalone instead of the whole thing.

  2. havent had any abalone for years.. the one with the “ships steering wheel ” brand is over $90 here ( Malaysian $310)—Muahaha if Chinese belief is Boil brains to “por” the brain , then we should all eat lots of abalone eh??? Good excuse, mah

  3. Ehhhh..!! lilian..!! sorry hor. very the “chim”.. i really donch understand leh.. “sob, sob”.. i think i stewpid..!!!! muahhhhhwwwwwwwa…!!!
    care to explain..?? donch kick me outta yer blog.. pa-lezzzzeeeee..!!!!

  4. “laughed like monkeys.”

    can juz imagine the scenario…..

    abalone nice ah ? like eating a piece of rubber onli

  5. i can imagine the scenario. They din glance at you, to see if u understood??
    Ban-chean-kuih is one of my favourites. Everytime I see, must buy. Cannot resist….

  6. MamaBok, aiseh…Oyster = CB la…and no, CB is not Coffee Bean.

    i say…camera phone is a darn good idea…5xmom, time to get a new toy!

  7. moo_t – This one stomach cannot become full wan la, what la you! LOL.

    Oreo – I do have a camera phone, a Sony Ericsson T630 but I have problems with the bluetooth and can’t transfer the pics. Anyway, I wouldn’t dare to take their photos, oh no! He looks like a gangster.

    King’s wife – Got…..somemore, the eyebrows can go up and down like those humsup movie wan. Cilaka, they really think I so dumb until dun get their jokes wor. Tiu, do I really look so dumb meh? I kena pretend like hell not to know and hold back any response.

    max – I dunno wor. Cannot afford to splurge.

    Beer Brat – My older ones went ahead to the car already. So, I pretend did not hear lor.

    chim-chim – The girls are from China, mostly. Very young, very pretty. Got Cambodian, Ukaranian, Vietnam etc etc oso.

    MamaBoK – really? you don’t get it? Hahaha, I think you do know.

    Yvy – Have to, cannot be too vulgar.

    Babe – It’s the trend nowadays, to keep China dolls.

    Wu Ching – Wei, really pretty ones you know. 16-17 years old Chinese peasants.

    romantic – LOL, I don’t want ler, afterwards turned green-lips like abalone.

    Angelic – I have camera phone already but the resolution is bad. Only 1.3 MP. I never use it.

    Cocka Doodle – I don’t know they got boast anot la. I am sure they are ‘cos they said they ordered three bowls and cost RM360.

  8. Hey..Oreo,
    Thanks for the explantion.. heheh!! wow ..!! i really didn’t know.. hahha!! i tell you i .. stewpid lah..!! the water in canada .. make ppl kinda stewpid.. hahah!!

    Hey.. lilian,
    I assure you .. i no kidding.. i really didn’t know.. till oreo’s explanation.. šŸ™‚

  9. Enuff said about the tattooed ass. On a brighter note, at least the woman knew where the tattoo guy got it off and not wank in the toilet. It’s a relief. He’s handling the pancakes with his hands, right? lol

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