The curse for men


First stage.


2nd stage

This is for those men who use their hard- earned money to spend on eating China (dolls) buffet and making lewd jokes in front of me like I don’t exist.

This is for those men who denied their wives and children of better, more nutritious food, comfortable home, proper education and all good stuffs fathers ought to provide for the family. They use the money for eating oysters, flown from China, Cambodia, Vietnam and other poorer nations.

This is also for the men who never give money to their old folks, their little brothers and sisters but spend them elsewhere to prove their manhood. (I had stumbled on a Singaporean online forum on where to find the freshest and cheapest products! It is in Peyton.)

Of course, any other categories, I don’t care what they do with their lives ‘cos I am not their grandma.

If some of you still dun geddit, I am talking about prostitutes from China ok? Over here in Malaysia, we have a huge market for them. Viagra-like traditional herbs and pills also are big business. Of course, these are none of my business as an individual. But think as a society, it spells troubled marriages, broken homes, screwed kids and miserable lives.

So, may all the men mentioned above, have their kkcs (male organs) shriveled to the size of my thumb, warts and all and eventually turn green and dropped off like a pickled dill!

(I told you so! I am good with food photography, no? Blame it on my curiousity. I love eating the pickles in McDonald’s quarter- pounder and double-cheeseburger. So, I bought one huge bottle of pickled dills. After eating only one (ewws, they taste horrible), I don’t know what to do with the rest. Any recipe ah?)

Read : Yvy’s very farnie version of green and purple kkc.

26 thoughts on “The curse for men

  1. Kak lilian, pickled gherkins sedap. Anyway, tepuk tangan to ur story, and I second all ur notions (plus bawak penyakit osso itu orang2 )

  2. ahhh, thats why, dun play with dolls, those are for girls to play, after play too much the little brother turn all cucumber then susah la.

    dill pickle….. make acar la, boleh?

  3. LILIAN…..YOU……HAVE…… WON! yaaaaay…… yaaaaay

    yep, your’re officially Blog Whore of the Year! so, what say you!? any words?

  4. wuahahahaha!!!! if that is the final result of eating chinese abolone or oysters, i won’t mind!!! don say 150 bucks, i pay 1500 have that unique “thing”.
    give me! give me!

  5. for pickled dill recipe,

    cook spaghetti noodles until soft and springy.
    cook some meet balls too.

    chop some onions and with a dash of olive oil, fry the onions. when onions done.. put meat balls in and *toss toss*. then, put in spaghetti and *char char* *toss toss*. later slice pickled dill and add to spaghetti..
    you can add green pepper if u up for more taste.

    hope u like my exotic recipe

  6. eh other than to eat it, u can keep it for own “USE” also maaa kakakaka …. altho this one tarak vibration function but its enviromental frendly and biodegradable too!!!

  7. Words on an old song goes “something” like this____
    WHATEVER HE IS.—- I LIKE HIM THAT WAY.” etc etc etc
    Adam was NO ANGLE after he met EVE

  8. Yep…. those sooi lou out there are very real. They like to boast about their night exploits . They think this is something worth bragging.

    Niamah, what is so grand wor?? Have to dig wallet to pay one also an honour ar?? Pttui! Stupid.

  9. Waaa..that kkc look really sick wor.
    reminds me of a song. Ok, ok will update blog on it.

  10. Cocka Doodle – WHERE IS YOUR BLOG????? I had been wondering why you so clever to write never leave your URL.

    Helen – Yalor, there are lots of old men like these one lor. Purposely talk loud-loud to attract attention lor.

    pelf – Hahaha, expert liao.

    adam&eve – very creative. Haha.

    Adam – This is not cucumber but tiny gherkins/dill only. Don’t worry, cucumber smooth-smooth one.

    Lord Vendetta – Yeah, if the wife can cook but refused to cook, then probably we cannot fault the husband for going to fastfood joints. But what if the wife is not able to do so because of old age, health etc leh? Aren’t couples supposed to grow old together, minus the help of Viagra?

    Wuching – OK liao or not? I feel so responsible. LOL. Sue for me damages.

  11. Wingz – kecik-kecik like dis, apa guna ah? Go buy GE (genetic engineered) lobak putih oso can cook soup what.

    little pixie – Thank you! At least I know one person does not have corrupted mind like the rest. Hahaha. I will try to use them in the recipe you suggested.

    Princess Poo Poo – Never mind, go visit my food blog and I compensate back.

    ah pek – Wei, you something wrong ah? Why you wanna wart filled purple/green kkc the size of my thumb?

    JoeC – Tks for telling. I don’t know if I dare to annonce it.

    marlinda – Yeah, all the sufferings due to nafsu.

    Jeremy – It is only food wor.

  12. aiyo, so sour, how to eat????? but then hor, those sei humsup lou, they all like to fcuk and brag about it wan. Can hear them at it at the pubs all the time.

  13. Cocka Doodle – Aiyoh…your blog makes me hungrrrryyyyy. Will lurk more later, when I stopped drooling at the fried grasshoppers.

    Samm – Heh, men are all the same, no? Rich ones, poor ones, all rule by their other heads. LOL.

    leeCS – Your wife read this, your ear oso long until touch your shoulder.

    Beer Brat – Now I remember something. You are the one ‘sitting’ on my lap! Hahaha. In WuChing’s babies’ photos collage?

  14. ooooooooooooo i love the pickled from mcd’s too!!! i’m always taking it out from ted’s. šŸ˜‰ yar, yar…that BB is sitting on ur ‘lap’ wan. šŸ™‚

  15. lilian, try chopping them real fine and add to any salad dressing to give an extra tang. it usually works better with capers. I made a tuna pasta salad last week with it and it tasted great.

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