100 sausages, 39 hamsters and no handphone


I am to cook one hundred freaking sausages by 6 a.m. -tomorrow- today. Each sausage costs about 25 cents and son is going to sell them for maybe 50 cents or RM1. All proceeds will go to his school charity drive. The school has what they call ‘Charity Week’. Students will sell some stuffs or provide some form of entertainment/gambling/-horse- hamsters racing etc and all their profits will go towards charity.


I also have to babysit 38 hamsters babies. Making sure that they do not chew through the carton box or I have to locate all 38 of them by tomorrow morning.

Son bought the hamster for RM5 from the pet shop and selling it for RM8. A complete package with a bungalow home for the hamster prolly costs RM10. Aren’t they so adorable? I can sit here all night just looking at them.


My younger son bought a pair from the elder brother last year and see this fatty hammie? She is so, so fat and very fuckstrated because she lives alone after the male one eloped with the mouse. So, in all at my home, I have the following pets:

1) One fat, female, desperately looking for male hamster
2) 8 goldfishes
3) 4 sons

I am very glad that the headmaster of my sons’ secondary school, Brother Paul Ho had announced to the students last Friday that NO HANDPHONE is allowed in the school (dun give a fark what the gahmen says la). He is the coolest HM, everrrr…. I read in the paper today that the Ministry of Education is probably going to discuss this matter in the Cabinet meeting next week. Terima Kasih, Datuk. Think of the big picture, not the selfish thought of what we want for our own kids. Consider the extra load of work on the teachers’ part.

~counting hamsters, tapping fingers, waiting for sausages to thaw~

It is fun being mom, isn’t it?

17 thoughts on “100 sausages, 39 hamsters and no handphone

  1. haha..The male hamster eloped with the mouse… hahah..


    I REALLY REALLY like ur hamster.. it’s so cute!!! šŸ˜›

  2. ohhh yessss….bro paul is indeed the coolest principal everrrrrrrr…. nice built, fair+smooth skin with jet black hair, and white gown that billow gracefully behind him as he patrol the classes with his rotan….hahaha…i wonder how many mothers with kids in his school harbour a secret crush on him!!

  3. They announced today that the Education Ministry will be asked to revoke the ‘can use handphone’ ruling. Another slap in the face for Hishamuddin and his keris waving antics/ideas.

  4. you put the hamsters in a BOX?! oh my, i sincerely hope they’re all still there when it’s time for the sale. i must congratulate your son on having such a brilliant idea about selling hamsters though. šŸ˜› and RM10 for a complete set including a ‘house’ is a bargain indeed! wait, is it just a box+house or a proper cage+house?

    anyways, congrats on being a hamster owner. *hee~* they’re fun, trust me. oh, and be glad you no longer have a pair. i advice you to get same sex hamters if you want to give them companionship~

  5. JeremyC – Donch worry, no human was sacrificed. šŸ™‚

    wacky – They are small babies hamsters so they don’t chew so much yet. The matured ones I had had escaped even with a metal and plastic cage.

    fishtail – Another ‘I dunno how to decide, so let’s throw it out to the field and see what happen’ policy.

    doc – You are cruel! How to boil such cute lil hamsters.

    Oreo – Hahaha, but I am not one of them, sadly. ‘Cos he is way too young. LOL.

    chim chim – Hi!

    Beer Brat – They are newly born and ready to be sold so they dunno how to procreate yet. Otherwise, I can open hamsters farm already.

    wuching – That will be RM2 + RM18 please.

    Bryan – Lucky the snake is no longer in my house (return to the guards and the snake escape back into the belukar) or else, next morning, got one fat snake and 0 hamster.

    Jen – ‘She’ is really, really fat ‘cos nothing to do but eat and sleep and run on the wheel. No sex is bad for the figure. LOL.

    Princess Poo Poo – Hahaha, I was only joking. But hamsters are very clever to escape so a few of them had run away, leaving only one female.

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