De-Lurker Week & why you never leave a comment?

I stumble on this thing call ‘National De-Lurker Week’ on some foreign blogs. Being the blogwhore blogwhoreoty that I am, I think it is fun to circulate it amongst us Malaysian bloggers. I am not sure when it starts or ends. Who cares, it is a nice gesture to tell those blogs we lurk, “Hey I was here!”


I got this button from Paper Napkin and there are plenty of other choices there. Why not surf over, pick some cute buttons, load it at your site (please!) and let the lurkers say hi to you. It is fun, isn’t it?

Some of the people I know had written to me privately and told me that they read my blog but they haven’t leave a comment because…….

1) they don’t want to risk leaving their opinions and have some aggresive readers steam-roller them down;

2) they know that I know they read and therefore, there isn’t a need to say anything;

3) they thought that I know they are here (which I don’t anymore because I don’t have any referral stats to check nowadays)

4) my blog makes them fall asleep before finish reading and hence, they are drooling on the keyboard before they reach the ‘comment’ board;

5) they thought that I am too arrogant to reply their comment (but in actual, I missed a few sometimes due to time constraints) so they refused to ‘talk’ to me

6) their wives forbid them from leaving a comment, jeles ‘cos I flirted with class (ROTFLMAO);

7) their husbands forbid them from reading my blog, I corrupt their wives’ minds and turn them into tigress;

8) their moms gave them strict order to stay away if they want to grow up prim and proper;

9) they thought that I am offering sex related stories and therefore, NSFW (not suitable for work)

10) they are afraid I will slam them if they say the wrong thing.

(OK, OK, out of 10, probably only 2 or 3 are true, I made up the rest)


(special thanks to Paper Napkin and Jen for the buttons)

So, what say you? Break the ice, hit the comment button, type ‘Hi!’, hit submit. It will make my day. And if you do blog this, please trackback to my posting so that I can go over and leave my mark.

36 thoughts on “De-Lurker Week & why you never leave a comment?

  1. i think a lot of ppl are too lazy to say anything. or they dun hv anything to say.

    so they just read the post, and the comments… then on to the next blog…

  2. Same problem here. I am not sure why but many visitors prefer to e-mail me their comments and suggestions. Most of my close friends don’t leave any comments but tell me what they think over a cup of tea.

  3. Weee..i read your blog and hope i make your day! šŸ™‚
    Why are you not updating your food blog anymore?

  4. Ahhhh, so happy, so happy. Tenkiu, tenkiu, dear lurkers and de-lurkers. šŸ™‚

    *proceeds to bring dettol to clean doc’s pee-pee*

  5. keong hee huat tua chai šŸ˜‰

    i’ve been stalking here for prolly a year liao…earlier, shy shy abit wanna leave comment cos my engrish not bombastic enuff.

  6. Was searching pictures of Penang when I stumbled upon your other blog. Love those pics and all those mouth-watering food that you always snap! Sadly, I am not in Penang now or else..probably would commit glutony (and think of how to lose weight later) šŸ˜›

    From there, came to your 5xmom blog. Your posts are somehow hillarious especially involving your kids. Love to read them!

    Confession to make. I’ve been stalking here for probably half a year too. So there you go, a shy ‘Hi’. Happy Chinese New Year!

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