Play pehnis

“Mommy, I want play pehnis!”


“NOLAH! PEHNISSSSS!!!! Beat the ball one lor……” (show action of playing tennis)

~”Ok, ok, watevala, just don’t say so loud.”~ (looks nervously around to make sure that no one hears)


A toddler certainly provides the mom with lots of stuffs to blog.


Here’s my pehnis-player-wannabe helping me to bake cookies.

Busy, busy, busy.

14 thoughts on “Play pehnis

  1. hohooh CNY coming, bake bake bake cookies.
    Here in Singapore, I see that most people never bake their own cookies. They just buy from outside. That is the reason why there are bazaar selling cookies out there.

    But I still prefer own baked cookies. Taste more homely. hoho

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