So excited for Chinese New Year!


I got Chinese New Year shoes, blouses, pants, bags, etc etc. Last I counted, I have 7 new blouses and 5 pants. (No, I still don’t wear skirts and dresses because I still need my SWAT reflex to deal with my toddler, cannot afford to ‘chou kong’. šŸ™‚ ) Four pairs of shoes including the above oriental motives. If you think I am bad, you should hear what my hubby did. He bought 4 working shirts and 4 casual shirts and some pants. And guess how many suits our kids got? Only ONE for each child except the eldest! Hahaha. ‘Cos the younger ones refused to go shopping with us, two mad parents.

Considering my reflections about how I hate Chinese New Year since the birth/death of Vincent, I must say that we have pretty moved on. We usually splurge big time during Chinese New Year ‘cos we can pretty afford them (but remember to be thankful, ok?). We give what we can (have you give your servants/maids/helpers/staffs their gaji/bonus yet?) , spend what we want and things pretty much come back to us, somehow. Thank you, God.

But the other night, while we were having dinner at some steamboat restaurant, this little dragonfly stopped at my head.


When my son told me, I immediately said, ‘Vincent come visiting’. He (my #2) managed to snap this photo. My hair karer nice anot?

I have this thing about butterflies and dragonflies which appear at odd places and odd times as a sign from God that says, “Hey, cheer up, I know how you feel, your son/mother/whoever are still very much part of your life.”


I so wanna take a brick and throw at the cameraman. I thought of posing nice-nice with my toddler and make CNY wishes with this photo. But all he get is this dunno-what-action photo. Grrrrr…. According to him, “Nice mah, like doing the tango like dat. So natural and so unique what.” That man! He spent RM3K+ on a camera and he took photos like these of me. *sobs*

So, what are you doing here reading this post? Go out and feel ChineseNewYearsy. Go buy yourself a new clothes. At least a new underwear?

Watch out for some announcement tonight!

20 thoughts on “So excited for Chinese New Year!

  1. that pair of shoes looks very nice šŸ™‚ went on shopping spree oso, now poorer… so have to collect more ang-pow this year to make up for it, lol!

  2. the tango pic nice wud. im a shopaholic, bring me shopping…..bring me bring me….
    i got new red underwear with the character “fook”
    havent got any CNY feel yet, not back to hometowne yet. =P

  3. chim chim – Wuah, fook on the pet-pet? Or are you a guy? Let me check your blog to find out.

    simon – My atm is worse than me. He is better at shopping than me. In fact, I can’t stand him and his picky habit.

    Lrong – Time to come back, again, on MAS. šŸ™‚ I only buy once a year, so not guilty.

  4. Nyek…doc, you got the wrong URL. This blog owner never have sweaty armpits. šŸ™‚ Wait a minute, what are you doing staring at the horizontal level? Did you enlarge the pic as well?

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