Come listen to the good luck song.

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Haiyoh, this is what I wanted to announce la. The bloggers sing-song project. Whatlah you people, somemore go guess triplets la, twins la, 6xmom la.

First, thank you to LinPeh for co-ordinating this project. It has been fun singing Mandarin song eventhough many of us dunno what we are singing. I tell you all, it is damn hard to pronounce the hamyi-pinyin ‘cos I read them like reading Bahasa Malaysia when they should be pronounced differently.

Next, LinPeh, whose voice is the 2nd person (man) who make the announcement? Wuah, he really sounds like some Choy San voice. Is that you? Or Cocka Doodle? And who is the crazyfrog like cartoon voice, Wingz remixed? I heard Yee Lai San Cheong (so funny).

Had wanted to blog this earlier but my atm who is on leave today because of the Sultan of Kedah’s birthday had got his cornea scratched. Duh! He played badminton yesterday and must have thought he is Lin Dan vs. Lee Yong Wei in the All England. The eye-doctor covered up his left eye so I kena jadi driver, fetching him here and there. Nothing serious, just cover to avoid infection. But die ler, I get damn stressed driving my tuan (master) around. In the end, he chosed to drive with one eye. Town driving only, so can manage la. The most is kissed someone’s car butt.

The sequence go like this:

Verse 1
mei tiao da jie siao siang (Zara mama)
mei geh ren di zhui lee (Thai Boxing Girl)
jien mien di yi ju hua (lilpatchee)
jiu si gong xi gong xi (May)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (King’s Wife)

Verse 2
dung tian yi dao jing tou (John Ong)
zhen shi hao di siao xi (cocka-doodle)
wen nuan di chuen feng (Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz )
jiu yao chui sing da di (GB Yeow)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (KL Podcast:)

Verse 3
hao hao bing xue rong jie (Pin Pin)
yan kan mei hua tu rei (Helen and her Jantan)
man man chang yeh guo chu (moonlady and Lin Peh)
ting dao yi shen ji ti (Simmie Lang)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (Desmond 9394)

Verse 4
jing guo duo sao kuen nan (LP)
li jing duo sao muo lian (JoMel)
duo sao xin er pan wang (5xmom)
pan wang chuen de xiao xi (Allison)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (ALL SING)

27 thoughts on “Come listen to the good luck song.

  1. No, my voice is not in there in the wishes/talking part, so don’t guess. šŸ™‚ I don’t know Hainanese or else I would have made the wishes in Hainanese, nang boh ti nang, kui boh ti kui.

  2. Wingz – I guess it is the crazyfrog remix lor. Use la, that one I got 10GB bandwith, month end liao, still got space. Not enough, just ask the taukeh SapiensBryan to give me more allowance for bandwith just for this month only.

    Oh ya, that MoonLady voice very hiao hor. I was hoping she also say ‘lamyan tor-tor, thiu lui tor-tor’. LOL.

  3. Kiasi – Watch out, Wingz is going to ask for your handphone. If you suddenly get a call and all the bad words start coming out, you know it is Wingz. LOL.

    Beer Brat – Join us for the next sing-song project. Dunno when la.

  4. Ha ha ha….(Cannot stop laughing) Very special & harmonious. I also wish eveybody,
    Gong Xi Fa Cai, Kiong He Huat Zai, Gong Hei Fat Choy

  5. Yeah, I can listen that you were having problem in pronouncing hanyupinyin. Maybe next time I should start a mandarin blog. Hehehe…

  6. Any plan to produce a Music Video for this song ? (Singing & Dancing Cha Cha together)

  7. Tongkat – Got, got, I heard LinPeh is making a video too. But I dunno what video la, maybe nekid ones ‘cos LinPeh very the humsup lou wan.

    Kiasi – Ask Unko LinPeh? He veli generous guy sure can mail you the bg music. You mean the loud-loud music and firecrackers, right?

    YingLai – The marvel of technology.

    LinPeh – Sure everyone like ler, you so professional.

    Kiasi – Heh, I can speak Mandarin one. But to sing hor, susah ‘cos have to follow the tune of the music. By the time I get to pronounce, the music dunno run where. Actually, if you hear the original one I sang, sure laugh ‘cos got stop, pause, run fast-fast, skip etc.

    Cocka Doodle – So it was you! After I listen for the 100th time, only I hear Cocka Doodle. I dunno much Canto mah, so have to listen many times baru can understand.

    Lil’ Patchee – I dunno yet ‘cos my cpanel only update several hours later, not real time one. I let you all know later, ok?

  8. Man… that was good! I liked the part where there are a lot of talkings, the song is nice, but the music sounds like those kotaraya ones ler… lol. And judging from the singing, quite a few of you must be karaoke kaki, no?

  9. Downloaded and keep repeating it. šŸ˜€

    I think I can recognize yours and Wingz’s voice. Lilpatchee’s voice is cute.

  10. eh….why izzit everywhere in pps going “cha cha guo xin nian” like doing the cha-cha-cha laikdat
    i think its suppose to be Jia Jia Guo Xin Nian ?? if my hanyupinyin is still up to date la..

  11. Yvy – Yalor, LinPeh very professional hor?

    Fashionasia – Actually, the karaoke tune given to us is in cha cha so I think that’s why they call it cha cha.

    Bryan – Aiks, I no talk la. Only Wingz. I think his voice is the crazyfrog remix la.

    zee – Yeah, very traditional type of jinjang song. I like the ‘feel’ of the song.

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