Are you a sucker for bonus points?

I just realised I am a sucker. This only hit me this morning when I was brushing my teeth.

You see, I have this SKII member card. They gave me up to March 3rd 2006 to redeem my gifts. I never check what gifts I am entitled to.

Sometime last week, Metrojaya had a one-day sale. Every RM100 spent in the cosmetic department, I get RM20 voucher. This is a good deal.

So, without finding out what I am supposed to get, I cepat-cepat cabut to Metrojaya.

Reach SKII counter, I don’t know what to buy because I have almost every item I need.

Took out my member card, gave it to the promoter and asked,

“How much more before I get my gift?”

Promoter : Miss, (chewah, I feel damn shiok), you need 1,600 points to get. You need to spend RM275 more only.

Me : OK, in that case, give me a cleanser and toner.

Promoter : Miss, good choice, both add up to RM270.

I was expecting a full size free gift of the essence (which cost RM375) and *plonk*, all I get is two puney size bottles. %^#@!&%

So, I had been a sucker. I suppose most of us are? Are you one of those who check your bonuslink points, supermarket member’s card points, bookshops cards, icecream cards, coffee points and any other member cards? Do you intentionally spend, spend, spend just so that you can get to the next level of ‘free gifts’?

15 thoughts on “Are you a sucker for bonus points?

  1. haha thats what i call aunty cards !!! i no carry aunty kad wan šŸ˜› i m looking forward to the creation of uncle cards lol

  2. U want bonuslink point? Gimme your Bonuslink card, I’ll use it when I top up petrol. FOC summore. If u offer together with your credit card, lagi bagus. LOL

  3. I’m the one who ADDS points into those cards, but never bothered to check whether I have enough points to redeem anything.

  4. At some point or other, my points all disappear into the Expired Zone! Including all those Air Miles, which I can tell you, I’ve accumulated..

  5. Not into those cumulative point stuff. Prefered immediate discount, because those point will inflate faster than ringgit.

  6. sometimes lerr, if i remember. i havent even redeemed any of my credit card rewards yet also to date, and yet i rack up those points like nobody business.

  7. Samm – I got blender, pots and pans and even car seat through the points. OK, OK, I am beyond help.

    moo_t – They come with it, so like it or not, still take it lor.

    LB – Donate to me la. Frequent flyer points wor.

    doc – Pssst…you are supposed to keep this a secret.

    Wu Ching – Good for you, save some money mah.

    Pelf – Wow, supplementary card? Sometimes, I am so bad. I even borrow the member card from the promoter, just so that I can get the free gifts for members. Hahaha.

    viewtru – Another orang kaya. Can change voucher for petrol also mah.

    muteaudio – I got no bonuslink, only my laki. He also got a lot of points ‘cos he works in Kedah so petrol sky high.

    wingz – This one is call smart consumer, wokay?

    toxicle – Awww…that means I am the few desperate ones la.

    autumnmusic and mama22beas – I am so alone!

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