Fear Factor = Emily Rose + Pig’s brain

Somewhere having dinner….

5xdad : Hey, there’s a butcher there (across the street), why not go and get all the meat you want for CNY?

5xmom : Good idea. (anticipates 5xdad to go along, he showed no sign)

5xdad : You go alone la, I take care of this guy (toddler).

5xmom : Aiyer…..I dare not ler. (chicken out at the sight of three butchers drapped in nothing but blue coloured shorts, stained with pig’s blood and their bellies larger than the pigs, hanging out, one with his Scuba brand, blue underwear with rubber waistband showing)

5xmom : What if the butchers ‘khau’ your pretty wife wor? (khau = lured?/flirted?)

5xdad : Good la, then I can go buy meats from you cheap-cheap.

5xmom : Wait I chop you into 18 pieces with their cleaver.

Anyway, in the end, we bought some meats, like 10 kilogramme ONLY (roll eyes) including two pig’s hind legs, two brains and other parts. I saw some pig’s brain and remembered my mom used to fry egg omelette with them. So, to go down memory lane, I asked for the brain which the butcher gladly gave me free of charge. After all, a certain doctor’s motto is ‘Eat first, die later’.

Back home during supper time

5xmom happily frying pig’s brain. Heat wok, put oil, throw in brain to stir fry. Add rice wine, pepper, MSG, salt…..Tralalala, travel 30 years down memory lane….. Knock in an egg. (OKlah, I heard that, got lots of cholesterol, I know already ok?)

Took out a plate of pig’s brain omelette and plonk self on the living room floor. 5xdad watching Emily Rose midway.

Emily got possessed and grab a handful of cockroaches and munch like twisties. 5xmom gulping down pig’s brains that taste like cream cheese, only better.

In between mouthfuls….

5xmom : What is she eating liao?

5xdad : Cockcroaches

In between more mouthfuls….

5xmom : Oh……crunchy hor?

I know if my older kids were around, they would have puked. They will probably swear off pork for the rest of their life. And vow never to let me go near them. But heh, they were somewhere in their rooms.

I think this is the result of my mom feeding me too much pig’s brains when I was small. To my Muslim readers, sorry for the pukey story. To others who do not know, Chinese have these funny theories. If they eat certain parts of the pigs, they believe that part will be enhanced. E.g. eat pig’s leg, you get strong leg. Eat pig’s stomach after giving birth, it strengthens your womb. So, eating pig’s brain is supposed to make you smarter. Which of course, you know is absolutely not true, right? Hmmm?

(P/S : I don’t know how to change the code of the song to make it stop annoying you silly everytime you click on my page. So, it will be playing until someone tells me how to get it to play only when asked to. Right now, it is autoplay.)

17 thoughts on “Fear Factor = Emily Rose + Pig’s brain

  1. You and 5xdad should try a very famous cantonese recipe, “Ngau lan thun chee hai” (Bull penis double boiled with pig’s vagina).
    After eating gerantee you will change your blog name to 6xmom! LOL

  2. HaHa, remind me of the movie “Hannibal”…the part where he dug out the brain fr his hu…err…watch it yourself.

  3. LOl…. your atm not afraid butcher khau his wife…. lol obviously your butcher doesn’t look like Dr House….. if not,….. your atm will not be so ‘fong sam’.!!

    Talking about pig brains, I never had it fried before. Good ar?? I always had it in a soup called ‘fun thin hei dei’…..

  4. i’ve eaten before…!!! long long time ago, my mum fed us with a LOT of stuff so that’s why it’s a norm for me. VERY daring when it comes to food. 😉

    jsut a bit chicken when it comes to oysters lar. lol

  5. Yoh…..Too much oil & salt…wah! plus MSG ?
    Can show us some photos of this Pig’s brain & the preparation of this dish ar ?

  6. Tongkat AhLian – 🙂 Don’t remind me. I wanna puke already, somemore can take photo meh?

    Yvy – You too? Hmm…that means it was the norm la. I thot my mom was the only one who fed me with these gross stuffs. Oysters? The best! The more expensive, the better. Especially if they are air-flown, imported ones.

    helen – He said only. Cepat-cepat follow me oso la. I oso that day kena that two humsup lous with their china oysters so now wary of men like that.

    king’s wife – You got one life, live it. (Camel’s tagline)

    Prometuz – I missed that part la. But it is not as gross as eating live monkey’s brain hor?

    9394 – My mom is ‘sing ning’ so she got Cantonese influence, I think.

    Mrs B – I oso got eaten the steam one with some Chinese herbs. Cannot remember what but yeah, fried taste better. I chopped lots of gingers and fry with sesame oil. Aiyer, dun try la. Not healthy at all. I was just curious yesterday and now, still feeling guilty of eating them.

    Max – Poor people eat them last time. A good source of protein.

    ah pek – Tongue better.

    wuching – *burn wuching’s backside with butane gas*

    samm – It is actually very lemak and smooth. We have porridge stalls here who cook them.

    Cocka Doodle – LOL, no way! I don’t want to mate and procreate like pigs.

    Princess P P – Not really, just creamy and very lemak.

  7. I’ve ate goat’s brain. Next time wanna try human brain flambe like what Hannibal Lecter did with Paul Krendler’s brain. The most delicious scene in film history. Any suka and rela wan?

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