Long break coming and I want mahjong!!!!!


The above are pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit and peanut cookies. My four piranhas at home have cleaned the pineapple tarts which my sister gave me. So is this tin of kueh kapit.


All the cookies are darn expensive. Kueh kapit is RM15 per tin. Kueh bangkit is RM13. Two days and hampalang habis. Even the crumbs are cleaned! So, I am getting them to bake more cookies and cakes with me tomorrow. (No, I dunno how to bake kueh kapit and kueh bangkit.)

The kids are having the whole week off next week. My atm is on leave from this Friday and will be off the whole of next week too.

Before CNY, we will be damn busy. But once the 2nd or 3rd day is over, we have absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go.

So how? We aren’t going anywhere because of the crowds and the increased prices. I blardy hate tourists. I want to gamble, especially mahjong but my little handbag (toddler) will definitely not allow it. *sigh* Those days when I was single. CNY means gambling from 1st to 15th day. Through the night and sometimes faking MC.

Once, when I was pregnant with my eldest son (born in April), I gambled (sitting down) for too long. I ended up with two swollen feet and couldn’t stand. Duh! And that’s was the end of my ‘chin wong chee wong’ (god of gambler) days. *sobs* How I miss those tiles, those bak eu (fei chee yok, smooth tiles?), one-dragon, 13-yew, phong, kong……Argggh…. The only kakis I have are my own kids. They can play mahjong too, you know?

Folks, what are your plans for the Chinese New Year break? It is going to be a long break because Awal Muharram falls on Tuesday and the hols stretch right up to Wednesday, followed by Wilayah Persekutuan Day, right?

Whatever it is, please don’t come and pollute my island. As it is, the roads are jammed now. The out-of-towners are flocking home and soon, I gotta stay home and eat Maggi Asam Laksa.

Maybe, just maybe, I may want to travel up north to Perlis for a night or down to Ipoh. Hello, anyone wanna go to Ipoh for some bloggers meet? We get Helen and Samm to belanja pomelos. Apamaciam? Ipoh-malis, don’t cold sweats ok? Just joking oni. (can hear Helen and Samm say, aiyoh, she got four kids, means four angpows, we bankrupt lor)

12 thoughts on “Long break coming and I want mahjong!!!!!

  1. Come, come, come…. come to Ipoh and visit us, kids and all. But i dunno mahjong wan ah. CNY, nowhere to go wan. I sit at the pc 365 days/yr, 16hrs/day…… bliss

  2. Kak lilian! I dunno how to play mahjong! My husband dun wanna teach one. Nanti u could teach me lah? How I wish I could to gathering in ipoh with u guys… mesti besh!

  3. I’m definitely going to pollute your island coz i’m visiting my mom who is staying in penang (around Jln kampar area). Plus my family and i are looking forward to eat the famous Nasi Kandar Beratur at Chulia street (next to Masjid kapitan keling) coz i think that outlet is the best nasi kandar in town. Even the Kg melayu’s one also tarnish in comparison.

  4. woo mahjung.. good for your brain, eye, hand and buttocks.
    one thing that have been bugging me all these years, esp. during festivities. why is kuih bangkit called kuih bangkit? sudah makan bolih bangkit kah?

  5. Mahjong, huh. Maybe we can setup online mahjong one day….blogging + mahjong at the same time….Muahahahahaha.

  6. Mahjong is my (the other) middle name….. when are you coming down south for 16 rounds?… then again i will be back to somewhere near ipoh during CNY.

  7. Dun worry…. do come if you have the time… my angpow RM1 max per packet. Just hope your boys dun curse me!! LOL Seriously, Ipoh also is packed crazy. All the KL and Johor reckless drivers are all back…. making Ipoh roads more unsafe!!

    Talking about mahjong… I LOVE IT!!! i always pester hubby to play. (3 person mahjong) I know he hates it, but, once a year, I dun care!! I want to get high on mahjong…. he is not getting away from this one!! Grrrr Grrr fingers also itchy already… cant’ wait to shout “PONG” lol

  8. I don’t know Mahjong, normally I play “millionaire game” with my brothers & cousins wan, neh… U know, that game which we can buy many many properties with our “money” one leh….

    CNY plans ar ? I’ll spend a few days in KL, then balik Teluk Intan, I’ll borrow my grandma’s antique bicycle & go lepak with my brothers & get many many Ang Pow there. Ha! Ha!….Eating laksa & rojak (sure many people & no enough seat one I tell U), watching TV, playing firework at nite ler…..

  9. i for one can NEVER know how to play mahjong despite mum teaching me time n time again. must be the dislike for gambling in me. anyway, i’ll b hibernating at home n will NOT step in penang coz i have been forewarned – it’s going to be worst than jam-packed. so i better stay at home n watch DVD. Heh..

  10. ello..i’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now n i’ve enjoyed it very much indeed!! My best friend introduced it to me. I love the cookiesssss,esply the tarts. im now studying abroad n missing out on the festive seasons… happy chinese new year to u. Gong Xi Fa Cai..Angpow lai lai. hehe.

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