Gee, I hate to see doctor. You know why? ‘Cos I think I am very clever already and he (she) thinks I am very stupid dumb-dumb.

But I know I must get some aunty-biotic becoz I was sick just a few weeks ago. It will turn into a vicious cycle of sick/off for 2-3 weeks/sick/ok for 2-3 weeks/sick again. You see, it is my body and I know what to do with it. Flush the bug with aunty-biotics. Start back on my Pharmaton and I won’t get sick for a whole year. Don’t believe? Read my blog for a whole year and see if I ever whine about being sick like some bloggers. Never, nilch, elek.

And I know when I need aunty-biotic because I can tell by the colour of my hingus (mucous). Plus my lower lungs hurt when I laugh/shout/shit too hard.

So, I went to this MO. BTW, MO is medical officer in the hospital. He is a qualified doctor. His job normally is to evaluate the seriousness of the patients and refer to the correct consultants/specialists if necessary.

After all the initial checks etc, I told him my chest is painful when I exert. Cilaka, he said, “Aiyah, like that is normal la.” Niamah, normal to you only mah, but I don’t normally walk around holding my lower chest when I need to laugh or cough, ok? Somemore, I got plenty of money to throw so I come to see you kenot meh? He spoke in Hokkien and I replied initially.

Bugger, I did not come all the way to sit down to see your face. I want antibiotics and I even know what brand I want. So, I switch to English and tadaaa….he started behaving like a doctor. So, moral of the story, some doctors are bullies.

Anyway, it costs me RM70 for the visit. The aunty-biotics alone is RM44, some kick-ass Zitrhomax. Thank God, those are ‘ah kong’ account because family’s medical expenses are covered by atm’s company. Or else, I rather suffer at home than to pay and see doctors’ faces.

A community message to all of you : Never self-medicate. Be aware of drugs allergies. It can kill.

Aiyah, since I slept the whole afternoon, let me tell you about drugs allergies. Long, long time ago, when I was about to sit for my oral exam in SPM, I had a very bad throat infection. Fearing that I will have no voice, my mom took me to see the doctor for the FIRST TIME in my life. Gee, I grew up on Chinese medicines, cap pagoda powder etc and that’s why my brain is a lot cacat-ed due to the steroids, lead and mercury in Chinese medicines.

So, I was 17 years old and seeing an ‘ang moh lo kun’ (western medicine doctor). I was given Bactrium which is the ciplak red and black capsule antibiotic. I took them diligently. Fuwah, first time got medicine with two colours wor, sure happy mah.

Then, I started getting ‘hong mok’ (urticaria) which is hives all over my body. Including my eyes and lips and just about every square milimetre. My mom gave me some crappy Chinese theories about heaty and cold etc. Thank God, my second sister happened to come home that day. (She was married ‘out’ but return home to my mom’s place.)

Otherwise, I sudah mati lor. You know why? I am extremely allergic to penicillin and bactrium. If I took a few more, I probably would have difficulties in breathing because my insides already swollen like outside. My sister was aware about allergies and asked me to stop the medicine immediately.

And yeah, I had to go for my English oral exam with a swollen face, wearing long-sleeves shirt and with socks all the way up to my knees because the hives was unsightly. I passed my English with A2 btw.

So, don’t play-play wor. Be smart, learn about signs of allergies. And always remind your doctor on each visit what you are allergic to. I have come across many doctors who overlooked the red warning signs on my chart and continue to prescribe penicillin based antibiotics for me.

Now that I have been aunty-biotik-ed, I am all ready for CNY!

14 thoughts on “Aunty-biotik-ed

  1. tiu! how come the doctors mong cha cha geh! didn;t even check if u r allergic to penicilin b4 prescribing, wanna law suit kah? 5xmom can sue the pants off those loctors!

  2. “Ang Mo Lo Kun”.. ahhhh.. so long never hear that already lah..! hahha!! gonna borrow your “ang mo lo kun” in my posting soon.. hahha!!
    Gong hei fatt choy to you ..!!

  3. wah, y the lo-kun so chao c*bai wan…behave properly only speaking england…u shud had tiued him properly!

  4. hmm….seems to be the sick season. lots of ppl coughing and have lots of phelgm. i oso kena plus got body ache and body heaty…

  5. AunT LiLiaN !!! i asked my mom about your drug-allergy episode and she couldn’t remember anything !!! now she suspects she’s having early signs of Alzheimer’s, hehehheh… poor her !!!

  6. I am allergic towards batrium too. But i really dunno what does it means. LOL! Doctors still give me the same old medicine with other people also.

  7. Wah, this loktor very No Big No Small ar? Aunty mya Engrand A2, his wan score how much?
    Hope Aunty Lilian feeling better now. Kiong Hi Huat Chai to you and everyone!

  8. you believe in pharmaton too??? me too me too !! i took it last academic yr nearly everyday and i only got sick once. this year i took it on and off as when i like…i got sick twice!!

  9. Cherry – It works for me but I got lazy and skip them.

    plink – Tenque, you have a good time collecting angpow, ok?

    kiasi – I only need to take one and my whole body get rashes. You must be careful too.

    YingLai – That is like 25 years ago so your mom definitely forget lor. I think that time only KahWeng was born.

  10. i got into one of those antibiotic allergies in form 5, had itcheless rash all over the body, i looked like a walking plague…

    unfortunately it happened in between papers during SPM.. thankfully it cured after i stopped eating that one kind of antibiotic..

  11. Zithromax is a good drug, in terms of its dosing & safety profile, which is generally, well tolerated.

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