10 thoughts on “Aunty buy your dick

  1. LoL!!!!!!
    hahhahahha buy the doctor some ear buds to clean his dirty ears!

    Why is there so many sick ppl for the past few days. Many of my friends are patronising the clinic, poorthing. CNY syndrom?

  2. Wingz – Go look for aunty buy your dick la, works faster. Eh, you did not get the flu bug by stalking my blog too long hor?

    kampungkai – Yeah, doc is so funny. Next time when I go see doctor, I hope I don’t start laughing like hyena and roll on the floor before I can open my mouth to say antibiotic. Silap-silap, they send me to the psychiatric ward.

    Maverick – Can I wish you too? If not, happy holidays and happy whatevala.

  3. Or the doctor can’t stop laughing when you tell him/her ‘I think my aunty body not strong enuf.” You can then send him to Tanjung Rambutan. 😛

  4. would u believe it… I had to read it slowly right to the end, then only I got the joke… aiyooooo!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. Hi Lilian,

    Happy CNY to you. Poor thing! Definitely in the air…me also kena hingus……muhahahhahahaha. Keep posting. I love what you write.

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