(post #999) On the 2nd day of CNY


Lots of angpows coming in = happy kids.

But on the other hand, lots of money going out too. When one has four kids, one has to mutiply the angpow value by 4 times if we are giving to a one-kid family. Say, if someone is giving my kids RM10 per angpow, we have to reciprocate with RM50. (‘cos RM40 is a no-no taboo figure). Rugi sikit la.


A shrewd accountant in the making. Weird thing about this kid is he remembers who gave him which angpow packet. And he knows if one is missing (for elder brothers like to tax his share) eventhough he cannot count up to three yet. Best thing about him is his action. Each time he gets an angpow, he will take a peek (no matter how many times I reminded him it is not polite) and say out loud, “Oik, got money inside wannnn” with a surprise look. That look and the ‘oik’ is priceless.


Dads, does your wife insist you wear ‘couple-shirt’ with your sons? Cute, you know? And you can couple-shirt with your daughters too. And moms, do you wear couple-qipao with your little girls? So cute…. Blek, I can only dream la. Soli hor, I kena pixelate my atm’s face ‘cos I don’t think I enjoy his staffs and associates to stumble upon his wife’s blog and get to read all the dirty secrets!


The in-laws. ~haih~ I said ‘Come for lunch’. My lunch hour is 12 – 1 noon. So, I woke up at 9 am this morning. By 10 am, my eldest sister-in-law is here! And her troops of children and grandchildren are here by 11 am, screaming, “Hungrrrrryyy ahhhhh……, we can smell the food from the groundfloor, drools…” Lucky, I am such an organised person and got food on the table just in time. Phew…… This is only 1/3 of the in-laws. There wasn’t even standing space when all arrived (total 38 people) ~wipe sweats~

Everything cleared, cleaned, consumed by 3pm. Next round – My siblings and their children for dinner tonight.


One very beh-paiseh, tired host cam-whoring again. I very tired and bored of entertaining real guests. Entertain blog guest fun-ner leh.

Note the number of my posts? One more to the 1-K postings. Damn! I need a shrink. I wonder how one celebrates the thousandth post? What should I write? Any ideas? Suggestions welcome.

13 thoughts on “(post #999) On the 2nd day of CNY

  1. your 1000th post be be very big & significant wan! but i can’t think of what..maybe post your whole family together without the pixelated faces for overnight only and then quickly remove picture next day so if ppl too late they miss out on 1000th spesel post! šŸ™‚

  2. Topic sugestion:- 1,000 th post – do like a grand birthday bash of senior family elder – Jo Dai Sang Yat….

  3. Very significant moment, this 1000th blog. Must take time off to reminisce how you got hooked on blogging, and who introduced you to this vice great hobby. *wipes tears*

  4. simon – Itu gua mya toddler la. This is Lesson one towards becoming chin wong chee wong. (or how you pronounce that god of gambler in canton)

    2xdizzy – Oi, dun spell like that la, make me looks like kena bondage.

    doc – That one I reserve for Feb 14th. Not Valentine’s Day but something more eventful as far as my blog is concerned.

    Su Sien – Great idea! Me gonna go to a corner and sit down, face the wall. LOL.

    WFT – Hand out peaches for everyone and serves long life noodles. LOL.

    Cocka Doodle – The blog just takes minutes, need time out from all the smiling and answering same questions.

    Wu Ching – I can’t find my tripod amongst the mess so we did not manage to take family photo. Sheesh

  5. wow, you cooked for 38 people and still look so great after that? Maybe we should have the next PPS bash/gathering at your place! hehe šŸ˜‰

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