I am the 1K blogger

No fireworks, no reflections.

Writing 1K of postings is not something to be proud of la. It is not that I have volunteered 1,000 hours doing community work or donated RM1,000 to charity or saved 1,000 leatherback turtles or climbed up Mount Everest or received some pingat from the DYMM or earn USD1,000 per month from my Adsense or helped 1,000 people to start blogging.

But if I can receive at least 10 comments that my blog has been something meaningful, and not a waste of cyberspace, eyes muscles, precious minutes, electricity, dial-up fee, fingers strength yadda yadda yadda, then probably I will push for another 1,000!

So, does my blog:

1) save the blue whales;
2) prevent the ozone layer from depleting;
3) help the extinction of orang utans;
4) prevent PMS;
5) reduce high-blood pressure;
6) increase diabetes;
7) lengthening…..arrr….your life;
8) preserves the rainforest;
9) help the country economy?

10) – none of the above –

Still, cheers to the 1,000 posting. (I deleted a more sarcastic, longer post just now.)

(P/S : There is no thank-you list yet ‘cos I am keeping that for February 14th, Valentine’s Day. But must make special mention of the person who inspired me to blog in the ‘right’ way. Dr. Liew.

Peeples, please go wish Rojakz happy one year old oso, can ah? ) He wrote something which I would like to CnP:

what my SIFU told me, dont blog for the wrong reason, blog for the right reason, love what you blogged and all the good stuffs will come automatically.

15 thoughts on “I am the 1K blogger

  1. Congratulations, auntie lilian. I wish I could achieve no. 5 & 7 by reading your blog…..muahahahaha.

  2. Congraturayshen Auntie Ririan!!
    You forgot at the end of your list:
    11) Make people hoi sum every day wor….
    Come one thousand already, coming two thousand soon!

  3. Congratulations!! You were one of the most inspirational figure for me when I started blogging. You came to my blog and leave a comment…. I was sooooo happy!! (climaxed 5x) The joy you gave me with your comments which I took as encouragement were simply priceless!! Thank you and may you have another 1000, 1000000 and 1000000000000 more posts!! lol ** yum seng!! **

  4. Wah, double kembanging. šŸ˜›

    Done well, you have, my apprentice. Congratulations.

    BTW, I just passed my 2k mark a few days ago. šŸ˜€

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