Male heirs


These are the ‘external’ grandsons. We Chinese call the grandsons from the daughters’ side ‘gua soon’ and the grandsons from the sons’ side, ‘lai soon’ (internal grandsons).

So, here are seven of the nine ‘external’ grandsons of my mom. The three red shirts guys are my second sister’s sons. Her eldest son is in the US for his honeymoon. The brotherhood of cousins.

Pictures like these only happen like once in a blue moon when there is a family gatherings. Usually, it is very hard to gather everyone together so this will probably go down in the album as those rare shots.

Hari ini dalam sejarah.

6 thoughts on “Male heirs

  1. wah! very nice wor! did u deliberately blurr them so to keep a bit of anonymity?! no shame in showing off the ‘gua soon’ bah! hahaha!

  2. wu ching – Yalor, my nephews id must hide a bit mah. Some work in Spore, some study in MMU, some in Penang college mah. Dunwan people say, “aiyerrrr…that one your auntie ah? She siao-siao a bit wan ah?” LOL

    I AM BORED!!!!

  3. Anyone compared this photo with childhood photos of the parents and grandparents? It’s great entertainment. We even pointed out the resemblance of one brother to photos of our great granma! 😀

  4. I see many young ppl who started their own families not coming back home once their parents passed on. I guess the coming home tradition will only be kept when the older generation is still around.

    One of the many joy (and pains) of growing up in a big family is the busy maddening get togethers…lol I, who grew up in a small family and married into another small (almost non-existent) family will never experience the ‘yit lau’!! lol (… just between u and me,…. I prefer small families… less tension) lol

    How’s the mahjong sessions coming along??

  5. the pressure is always on the lai soon especially the eldest. Felt them thru out my entire life. Hard life. If only the pressure lessen somehow. Lagi terror, no kids yet. Walau, the same old question over and over again, its terrible pressure.

    Stress liao after reading ur blog. chuckle

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