It is hot outside

My hubby and kids have invaded and pwned all my PCs.

I went on a 12 hours trip yesterday to two countries, 3 states, 1 muzuem, 1 cave, 1 waterfall, 1 pirated goods bazaar at the border, 500 photos and out checking Kangar and Alok Setak. And I don’t get to blog about them.

Hahaha, someone asked me if Perlis is the capital of Kedah. Boy, I need to give Ilmu Alam lessons over 5xmom channel.

And where are all my regular bloggers? I miss all your updates! I want to know if any of you is as bored as I am.

~arrrggghhh~ Help!!! Bored aliens come to drag me away from blogging.

17 thoughts on “Whinewhinewhinewhine

  1. Tengah holiday mah.

    I’ve been bored for the past few days. Started work today. Thank gawd. (Hate to say it but…it’s true. T_T )

  2. bored bored bored
    sien sien sien

    It’s just amazing that my pings on PPS stayed up there for more than a day. Usually got you big fishes hogging all the ping space….yalah, you guys ping so many times a day 😛

    I better enjoy this while I can…hehe

  3. We drove up to Cameron Highlands, round and round trying to find a hotel and back down after failing to find one only to join the jam back to KL.
    Lol, at least you’ve got photos, my camera ran out of battery after one pic.
    Have a great CNY!…

  4. So happy to be back to work today…pathetic..but true. The holiday is far too long. What happen to the mahjong sessions you plan to have??? N E way… your new year so far sounds far exciting and interesting than mine…

  5. yfmami – Yeah, far too many days. No mahjong sessions ‘cos I am too lazy to get out of the house.

    centerpide – check urbandictonary.com – something like owned. It is from some game which they misspelt owned. it is teh pwnd! I put an e ‘cos ppl may asked what is pwnd 😀


    anastasia – Thank God we did not go to CH! It was our original plan but I got turned off in Penang when I got caught up with people wearing new year clothes to the municipal park and picnic eating CNY cookies. I guessed CH will be full of them so we went up to Kedah/Perlis instead.

    wuching – Hello, hello, I am here too.

    simmie – Good time to ping, no? So that we get ‘irregular’ blog readers. Those who are bored and decided to click every ping . Hahaha.

    Mei – Yeah, if the weather isn’t so hot, at least we can go visiting or something but it is blazing out there.

  6. Happy New Year Lilian and to your family.

    Eh, I am not discriminating here but in general, the geography knowledge over your ‘malaya’ side is seriously lacking lah. No kidding… here’s the most common hair pulling question asked:

    Hello mahagurusia, eh Kuching in Sabah rite?

  7. Failer – hahaha, malaysia and the border of thailand. Counted as two countries, no?

    kiasi – I am going to Bukit Larut tomorrow. Or else…i will whine to death.

    foodcrazee – Lucky people got work place to go. Me leh?

    mahagurusia – Do you still use smoke signals? 🙂

  8. Kak lilian hellluuuu…
    Cantiknyaaa itu amoi pakai baju karer pinkish pinkish red. Leng luinyaaa (salah penggunaan term ini? Saya minta maaf in advance hehehe).
    We just got back from a holiday lah kak lilian. Bawak the daughter jalan2 hehe…

  9. hahaha!! i’m SO happy to be back at work. no more sienz!!! YAY!!

    (i cannot believe i just wrote that!!)

    ps. FINALLY someone has asked this ‘pwned’ question…LOL

  10. errr, i remember telling my geog teacher in school that perlis is the capital of kedah *hehehe*

    & yah, it was effing hot up in penang!

  11. I come join your boring New Year club!! Yep, I’m bored bored bored. Don’t feel like blogging and I even embark on a self-imposed internet ban week just to see if I can do it. No problem….. Don’t know why… no mood to do anything.
    Maybe it’s high time i go take bio-young…..or Kacip Fatimah.lol

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